Seth Meyers: ‘Late Night’ Host Weighs Clinton-Trump Presidential Choice With Epic Monologue [Video]

The host of Late Night with Seth Meyers made his latest in a series of in-depth reports on the 2016 presidential campaigns in the show’s running segment, “A Closer Look.” Meyers’ latest analysis compared the Clinton-Trump choice in an epic monologue.

“How do you choose?” Meyers asked, after listing one negative for Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 26 for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Seth Meyers, Trump-Clinton choise weighed by 'Late Night' host, who lists one negative for Hillary and 26 for Donald.

“I mean do you pick someone who is under federal investigation for using a private email server,” Meyers started, before turning to Trump and starting his tour de force, in which he lists things the Republican has done.

  1. Called Mexicans “rapists,” as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  2. Said that President Obama was born in Kenya.
  3. Proposed banning all Muslims from entering the United States.
  4. Mocked a New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis.
  5. Claimed that John McCain wasn’t really a war hero, owing to the fact that he was captured.
  6. Berated the parents of a soldier who lost his life serving his country, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  7. Boasted about sexually assaulting women.
  8. Was actually accused by 12 women of sexually assaulting them.
  9. Claimed that at least some of the women making allegations aren’t attractive enough for him to consider molesting, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  10. Stated that more nations should have nuclear weapons, as reported by ThinkProgress.
  11. Said that the military should be instructed to take part in war crimes, as reported by FactCheck.
  12. Stated that a judge, Gonzalo Curiel, is biased because of his Mexican heritage.
  13. Suggested that women who have abortions deserve punishment. It appears that Trump has retracted this stance. However, he did suggest that women should be punished for having abortions, as reported by the Guardian.
  14. Incited violence among supporters, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  15. Said that the Chinese perpetrated global warming as a “hoax,” as reported by PolitiFact.
  16. Called for Hillary Clinton to serve jail time, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  17. Has companies that have declared bankruptcy six times, as reported by PolitiFact.
  18. Boasted about not paying any personal income tax, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  19. Didn’t pay employees and contractors or paid them late, as reported by USA Today.
  20. Was able to lose more than $1 billion in business in one year.
  21. “Scammed” students at the “fake” Trump University, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  22. Used solicited contributions to his “fake foundation” to buy a six-foot-tall portrait of himself.
  23. Has a fraud trial scheduled for later this month, as reported by Bloomberg.
  24. Insulted GOP primary opponent Carly Fiorina’s face, as previously featured by the Inquisitr.
  25. Insulted Ted Cruz’s wife’s appearance, as reported by CNN.
  26. Boasted about his fame and stardom allowing him to “grab women by the p****.”

Seth Meyers was able to fit all 26 points in to a breathless two-minute portion of the “Closer Look” segment of the show. It wasn’t until about the fifth point that the audience began to giggle, first seeming to not fully understand what Meyers was doing and then coming to realize what an enormous task the host had on his hands, listing as many of Donald Trump’s shortcomings at once as anyone could.

When he was finished, Meyers was met with thunderous applause. The audience, seemingly sensing the momentousness of the task, waited until the Late Night host signaled he was finished before showing their appreciation of his oratory skills with hoots, whistles, and clapping.

It has been previously opined by Daily KOS that Donald Trump appears to make deliberate use of the “Gish Gallop” debating method, where many unverifiable facts are presented in rapid succession, both when campaigning and with the constant barrage of information presented by himself personally and by his campaign to the media.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]