Fake rumor claims Matt Damon is dead

A rumor doing the rounds today claims that actor Matt Damon was found dead in the the desert near San Diego.

The rather detailed rumor (as far as fake celebrity death rumors go) claims that Damon was found dead in California’s Palo Verde mountain area on Wednesday, and claims that “according to TMZ’s web site, Damon, who was officially reported missing Friday, was on a camping trip. His body was found by an Imperial County Sheriff’s Department deputy on Wednesday.”

It gets better, reading “According to TMZ.com on Wednesday, law enforcement headed into the desert near San Diego on Tuesday. That day, TMZ.com reported, “Damon sent a text message to a friend that he was out of water and needed help. There was a massive search that ended abruptly.” That’s then followed by a back story about Damon writing publicly about wanting to go into the desert as well.

It obviously not true on a couple of fronts: an actor like Matt Damon having gone missing last week would have been huge news, second: Damon gave an interview Monday from Venice where he’s in town for a film festival. Still, credit where due: someone has put a lot of effort into this hoax.