TLC Debuts ‘Extreme Cheapskate’ Show

TLC the network behind shows like My Strange Addiction and The Virgin Diaries are at it again with its new baffling television show titled Extreme Cheapskate. The show is said to document frugal people and their way of living. On the premiere episode is Kay Hashimoto, an unhygienic woman who dumpster dives for food, hasn’t bought toiletries in years, and goes through human medical trials.

The woman is from New York City and hopes to have $250,000 in the bank by taking these drastic, frugal steps in her daily living. In a section of her episode, the woman tells TLC that, instead of doing laundry in her 2010 bought Harlem home, she washes all of her clothes while showering. Another way she plans to save, which might be the least bizarre of them all, is running to work instead of taking the subway.

Extreme Cheapskates premieres tonight, and, while Hashimoto is only a part of their series, she gives the show plenty of material. She is shown using soap to wash herself off after using the toilet, cutting her own hair, and participating in medical trials. Now that’s what we call hustling for a buck!

Of course, TLC has decided to keep a relevant spin on the series. The woman is said to have suffered from the dot com crash that has lead to her economically pulling back on what many find necessary such as toilet paper.

Speaking with the New York Post, Hashimoto told her paper of when her frugal ways came to a head, “I’ve always been frugal, but it was when I was laid off in the dot-com crash that I became extreme. No job is guaranteed, so I live as if I could be fired at any time.” She continues, “New York can be the most expensive place to live, but it can also be the least expensive if you know how to work the system.”

In addition, Hashimoto also earns money by taking surveys online, tests products for free samples, and takes part in medical trials, which has enabled her to have free birth control for five years by participating in a herpes vaccine trial.

Will you be watching Kay Hashimoto on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskate tonight?