New York: Two NYPD Cops Shot In Bronx, One Cop, Gunman Dead [Updated]

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We have breaking news coming in from New York. Two New York Police Department (NYPD) sergeants were reportedly shot by a “heavily armed” gunman in the Bronx. The incident reportedly happened near 1575 Noble Avenue earlier today at around at 2:53 p.m., local time.

Initial reports said that the suspect was shot and killed. Both the officers were reportedly taken to the Jacobi Medical Center. While some reports said that the condition of the officers was unknown, there were other reports which claimed that at least one of the officers was listed in a serious condition. A report by NBC New York said that one of the officers received gunshot wounds to his head while the second officer was shot in the leg. As we file this story, we have also received reports that one of the officers shot in the incident has died.

An FDNY spokesperson confirmed that there was “an incident” near 1575 Noble Avenue, but they did not divulge any further information. The NYPD has yet to officially reveal any information with a spokesperson saying that the situation was “currently developing.”

We have embedded a few tweets that report the incident.

This report claims that the shooting incident happened after the officers responded to a robbery attempt. At this time, we are unable to confirm the actual circumstances.

Meanwhile, a statement by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office confirmed the incident. The Mayor is reportedly on his way to Jacobi Medical center.

We have also embedded a tweet box that lists the latest tweets talking about this incident.


According to NBC New York, within a few hours of the shooting incident, the gunman was identified as 35-year-old Manuel Rosales, a resident of Long Island, Preliminary investigation into the incident has revealed that the two sergeants, now identified as Paul Tuozzolo and Emmanuel Kwo was on duty, responding to a home invasion report at an apartment on Beach Avenue in the Van Nest neighborhood.

The gunman, Manuel Rosales had allegedly violated a protection order and had broken into the home of his estranged 29-year-old wife. At the time of the break-in, there were four other people in the apartment – Manuel’s estranged wife, the couple’s 3-year-old son, a 13-year-old teenager and an unidentified 50-year-old woman. After barging into the home, Rosales allegedly held the family members hostage for several hours. A few hours later, he left the home following which the 50-year-old woman called police to report the incident. The woman also gave officials all the details she possibly could – including a detailed description of his vehicle. It was after this call that a group of police officers that included Paul Tuozzolo and Emmanuel Kwo searched for the suspect.

They eventually managed to spot Rosales’ vehicle at a location half a mile away from where the break-in was reported. When officers moved into question and arrest Rosales, he opened fire at them using his 45-caliber semi-automatic handgun. In response, the group of responding police officers opened fire at Rosales and killed him. The incident left Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo with serious injuries – including a bullet wound to his head. He was quickly a nearby hospital. However, doctors there were unable to save his life. The second officer, Emmanuel Kwo had suffered bullet wounds to his legs. He is now out of danger.

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