WWE News: More Major Gimmick Matches May Be Coming For The Women Of WWE

WWE Hell in a Cell was great with two women finally knowing what it was like to be inside the cell, but it looks as if WWE is prepared for more gimmick matches to be done with the women too. Obviously, with equality being the standard, we’re seeing in culture today for the United States at least, a lot of female takeover in various things from sports to entertainment.

Obviously, some things hit and miss. We have a hit like the U.S. Women’s Soccer team and Ronda Rousey taking over MMA, then duds like the remake of the Ghostbusters. Seriously, it was terrible. Obviously, WWE likes to catch on to trends and thus, the women’s revolution happened last year. It made total sense a year later for the women to appear inside the Hell in a Cell structure eventually and probably the two best women for the job did, in fact, do so.

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks went to war inside the cell and gave us a great main event, which was another first time ever for the women of WWE, as no two females ever closed a main roster PPV. It should come as no surprise that if the women could do Hell in a Cell, they could easily do another gimmick match down the road right? That seems to be the case for WWE.

Banks Flair HIAC
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According to the Daily Wrestling News, the WWE put out a poll asking fans what types of gimmick matches they would like to see the women of WWE be involved in next. The choices were between TLC, Ladder, Falls Count Anywhere, Iron Man, or Tables match. Of course, both Bayley and Sasha Banks did do an Ironwoman match last year under the WWE NXT brand.

Overwhelmingly, the poll showed TLC with 45 percent at the time. It was following by Ladder (28 percent), FCA (16 percent), Iron Man (7 percent), and finally Tables (4 percent). Obviously, if WWE asked about these matches, they clearly feel that all could be done by the women of WWE with either brand. Interestingly, though, WWE TLC happens to be going down in December for the WWE SmackDown Live brand.

It was rumored the moment we knew that the event would be for the blue brand that the women of SmackDown Live may end up being part of a TLC match. While it can be more dangerous than a cell at times, it would only be right to give this match to them since the WWE RAW brand gave the girls the Hell in a Cell match. It may have been WWE’s plan all along, but with near half of fans thinking it is a good plan to go with this one, it may end up happening.

Becky Lynch WrestleMania 32
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The question is, does the blue brand have the talent to make it happen? Clearly, Becky Lynch stands out as very capable but after her, it is a toss up. WWE clearly won’t put Nikki Bella in the match due to the danger it could cause her. Meanwhile, Becky may be done with Alexa Bliss after their title match next week. That leaves people like Natalya and Carmella.

Carmella has proven able to do much more than people assumed from her, so she is possible for this. Meanwhile, Nattie is a veteran who you could rely upon. Keep in mind as well that they could always go with a Ladder, Tables, or Chair match rather than a full TLC match. The event is not built on only TLC events, as only one match has to fit that and they have it set already.

Of course, WWE could always save some of the matches for next year rather than doing another at this point. It does seem, however, that they want the women to work a gimmick match if the PPV calls for it, same as the men. Obviously, The Royal Rumble isn’t as easy to add in for the girls, but they can add them to the normal gimmick matches. It’ll be interesting to see how things go for the ladies going forward, as fans would like to see the girls continue to progress in WWE.

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