Kim Kardashian Divorce? KUWTK Star Reportedly Having A Rough Recovery From Robbery

A Kim Kardashian divorce is beginning to look like a possibility. Though the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's (KUWTK) star was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry in Paris more than a month ago, she is still allegedly in a very fragile state of mind.

Celeb Dirty Laundry recently reported that Kim has been suffering from crippling anxiety, since the incident. In addition, she has also been having "PTSD-related panic attacks." While Kardashian continues to suffer from the aftermath of this traumatic event, Kanye has allegedly not been attentive to his wife. The rapper has continued to work on a very busy schedule, despite Kardashian's plea for help.

A Kim Kardashian divorce might also be beneficial to the rapper, since he's been under incredible stress. Less than a week after the robbery, Kanye went back on the road for his Saint Pablo tour, though, it looks like his busy schedule is finally catching up to him. Earlier this week, Kanye stopped performing in the midst of his Inglewood, CA concert.

Radar Online reported that the rapper told his musicians to stop playing, followed by explaining to his audience that his voice was "so horse." The crowd immediately started booing the singer, but he apologized.
"I can't finish the show...I can't let y'all have a show where I can't perform for you."
The Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have only continued to grow louder, in the past few months. Not only is her husband continuing to tour, but he has been very unresponsive to her emotional needs. Allegedly, the rapper has been turning his back on his wife. As a result, In Touch has reported that Kardashian has been having emotional breakdowns in private, reiterated Celeb Dirty Laundry. Kanye has supposedly been struggling to understand why his wife is an emotional wreck.

A Kim Kardashian divorce wouldn't necessarily be a surprise. The KUWTK star was apparently livid when her husband went to Chicago to perform, less than a week after the incident. An inside source close to the Kardashian family told Radar Online that Kim didn't let her husband, "leave her alone without a fight!"

When Kanye initially told his wife that he was going to continue his tour, Kim was not having it. The Kardashian insider spoke to this.

"Kim was livid that Kanye went to Chicago instead of staying with her and the kids!"
A Kim Kardashian divorce would be good for the reality TV star. After the robbery, Kim had cleared her entire schedule, so she could be with her husband, explained the Kardashian insider. She reportedly needed "Kanye by her side," but he wasn't having it.
"He put his fans before is family and, of course, that made Kim super upset!"
After the fight, Kardashian was incredibly upset. The star confided in her sisters, telling them she couldn't believe that her husband was jetting off to Chicago. Though Kim tried to convince her husband to stay with her and their two kids, Kanye refused to listen. A source close to the Kardashian family explained the fight in further detail.
"Before leaving Kim and the kids, Kanye told her someone's gotta pay the bills!"
A Kim Kardashian divorce might not be the only rumor surrounding the reality TV star. Radar Online recently reported that Kardashian is allegedly having a huge bidding war over her first public appearance. A source said that the star is trying to get a massive paycheck, while making her comeback.
"There is a bidding war right now for Kim's first major public appearance, as well as her first tweet to endorse a product."
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