Amy Adams And Isla Fisher Reveal That They’re Mistaken For Each Other All The Time

It’s not hard to see why Amy Adams and Isla Fisher are constantly mistaken for one another. Both are hugely successful actresses, while they are also extremely attractive, have bright, red hair, and they are aged just two years apart, too.

It turns out that 42-year-old Amy Adams and 40-year-old Isla Fisher are regularly confused for one another when they are out in public. The pair, who actually star together in the thriller Nocturnal Animals that’s due out at the end of the month, revealed as much to Yahoo Movies during the recent press day for the film.

After being quizzed whether they’re mistaken for each other on a regular basis, Adams was the first to admit, “It happens a lot.” This then provoked Isla Fisher to joke that starring in the same film together finally gave the pair the chance to prove that they’re not actually the same person.

She continued, “We’re dispelling the myth that we’re the same person. There are going to be a lot of surprised folks out there. Because I get congratulated a lot on Enchanted.”

After being quizzed on just how similar they look, the duo then took the opportunity to recall some of the most hilarious circumstances when they have been mistaken for each other. And it turns out that it doesn’t just happen on the street. Because Isla Fisher recalled how she was confused for Amy Adams at the Academy Awards back in 2014, the year that her lookalike was nominated for the Best Actress gong for her performance in American Hustle.

Fisher explained, “After the Oscars the year [Adams was nominated for] American Hustle, I’m talking to Bono,” which immediately provoked the actress to apologize for name-dropping the U2 front-man. She then continued, “The crowds part and in walks Lady Gaga. And she goes, ‘I just want to say, you were wonderful in American Hustle’.” But rather than immediately embarrassing the singer, Fisher instead decided to save her blushes and just move on past the mistake.

In fact, she graciously accepted the congratulations from Lady Gaga, explaining, “But I don’t want to correct her because Bono’s there. So I just say, ‘Thank you’.”

It’s a joke that’s even started to be made between their families, too. At Isla Fisher’s birthday soiree, which Adams herself attended, the Australian actress’ famous husband Sacha Baron Cohen decided to mention Amy Adams at the expense of his wife. But the joke only made Amy Adams feel really uncomfortable. Adams recalled, “He’s [saying], ‘I wanted to date Amy Adams, but she wasn’t available’.” I felt really awkward.”

It has been taken to even further extremes, too, as Amy Adams revealed that in the past she has even received a Christmas card from Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher that actually had Adams’ face Photoshopped over the top of Fisher’s body.

“It’s a running joke inside their family,” Amy Adams explained. “It said, ‘Season’s Greetings from Amy, Sasha, and the kids,” revealed Isla Fisher, before she added, “But what’s amazing is several people didn’t even notice it wasn’t me. Or that my name was written ‘Amy’.”

The similarities in their appearance actually resulted in the two actors being cast in Nocturnal Animals. That’s because in the thriller Isla Fisher plays the literary avatar to Amy Adams’ character. Nocturnal Animals revolves around Amy Adams’ art gallery owner who is haunted by the violent novel that her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) has written, which includes a character that is clearly based on her.

Nocturnal Animals also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer, and Michael Sheen, and it is written and directed by the Academy Award nominated Tom Ford. Nocturnal Animals will be released on November 18.

[Featured Image by Paramount Pictures & Warner Bros]