JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Split? Why Their Friends Say A Wedding Will Never Happen

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers put on a good public face, but the Bachelorette couple's romance is slowly falling apart behind the scenes. Not only are they fighting almost non-stop, but the pair has placed their wedding plans on the back burner.

Will they call off the engagement and split for good?

An inside source dished to Life & Style that Fletcher and Rodger's close friends believe they will call off the wedding before long. To make matters worse, an inside source claims Rodgers might be the one to end it.

"He's rude to JoJo. They haven't set a wedding date, and their friends don't think it will ever happen. It seems like [Jordan] wants to end things. He isn't putting in the effort."
Despite the bleak future, Fletcher assured Cosmopolitan that the delayed wedding plans are not a result of relationship woes. Instead, the Bachelorette alum is taking things slowly and isn't in a rush to tie the knot.

"We're trying to figure out where it's going to be first. We have family in California, family Dallas…" she explained when asked about wedding plans. "We're just enjoying being together right now."

Fletcher's romance has been plagued with rumors ever since Rodgers proposed on The Bachelorette. The rumors could easily weigh them down, but Fletcher assured fans that they don't pay attention to all of the negative reports.

Although not setting a wedding date is worrisome to fans, Fletcher previously explained that she doesn't want to get married until "sometime in 2017." Even with the delays, she and Rodgers could still pull off a ceremony next year, but they will definitely need to start planning now.

According to Us Magazine, Fletcher and Rodgers are ready to exchange vows. For them, their interactions on social media prove that their relationship is stronger than ever.

"Anyone can look at our social media and see how happy we are," Rodgers revealed. "We don't let it bother us."

Speaking of social media, Daily Mail is reporting that Rodgers just wished Fletcher a happy birthday on Instagram.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mullet wig wearing, ice cream cone munching, snap chat filter goofing, nighttime mask FaceTime sesh screen shot'ing, power ranger costume partying, morning hike crushing, nacho mountain loving, ocean view sunbathing, best friend couldn't live without her best thing that ever happened to me love of my life @joelle_fletcher," Rodgers wrote. "You deserve the world and I'm going to keep trying to give you all of it!"

They might not pay attention to the negative comments online, but JoJo Fletcher admitted that they are feeling the pressure to tie the knot from family members. In fact, the former NFL quarterback's mom constantly barrages Fletcher with "wedding books" and can't wait until they get married.

For now, it sounds like Fletcher and Rodgers are still planning on going through with the wedding. Aside from the date, one of the biggest questions surrounding the coming nuptials is whether or not they plan on televising the event.

"Maybe. It's a really important day," Fletcher revealed. "The most important day of both of our lives, but we're still figuring it out."

Fletcher and Rodgers have not released any details about the wedding, but People reports that Fletcher wants an elaborate ceremony.

"I am big on floral arrangements - but also, and this is crucial, a late-night Chipotle mini burrito bar for guests as they are leaving," Fletcher shared.

Fans are well familiar with Fletcher's love for Chipotle. Fletcher and Rodgers have gone on several dates to the Mexican restaurant and have documented the outings on social media. This includes a trip to Chipotle during an afternoon of furniture shopping this summer.

Fletcher also took one of her Bachelorette suitors to Chipotle during a hometown date. As fans will recall, she visited the fast food chain during a hometown date with Chase and wasn't afraid to comment about it afterward.

"So, since this hometown didn't start until the next day, I had to fill my evening with something I knew would bring complete joy to my heart … Chipotle!" she explained. "It was the best meal I'd had in WEEKS. Are ya'll tired of hearing me talk about Chipotle yet? Okay, moving on! Colorado!"

Meanwhile, until more information about the wedding is revealed, the Bachelorette couple is simply enjoying their new lives together. This includes growing together, going out on dates, and getting to know each other better.

"To be honest, we love this period right now where we get to be stress free and actually date and be with each other in a more normal setting, so we have just been soaking that in!" Fletcher admitted.

Hopefully, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers will announce their wedding plans in the near future and put an end to the breakup rumors.

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