Catelynn Baltierra On Strict New Rules Over Carly: Faces Judgment Over Recent Comments

Catelynn Baltierra has been dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety since giving birth to her second daughter, Nova. When Baltierra gave birth to her first daughter Carly, she gave her up for adoption as she was just 16 years old, and she and Tyler could not take care of her on their own. They chose to do an open adoption, where Catelynn and Tyler could have contact with the adoptive parents. But since they have been in the spotlight with Teen Mom for years, Carly is growing up in the public eye. And this is something that her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, have no interest in dealing with.

According to a new tweet, Catelynn Baltierra is now responding to the claims that Brandon and Teresa want nothing to do with the Baltierras anymore. When Baltierra learned of the news, she did say that they simply didn’t want Carly to be on the show anymore. And they had no interest in being featured or even talked about on Teen Mom. Several of the Teen Mom stars have been linked to porn, arrests, drugs and so forth, so it makes sense that they want to protect their daughter. But just because they don’t want to be featured on the show, that doesn’t mean that Catelynn Baltierra can’t see her biological daughter.

“Let’s get 1 thing straight Brandon & Teresa are still involved in my life, just not MTV. So calm down with all of the blaming #openadoption,” Catelynn Baltierra revealed on Twitter after she and Tyler faced some backlash from viewers, who felt they were not respectful of Carly’s adoptive parents’ new requirements.

On Teen Mom, Catelynn and Tyler learned that Brandon and Teresa didn’t want to be a topic of discussion on Teen Mom anymore. A few years ago, they had no problem filming the show with Baltierra and her husband, and Carly was even featured in picture form on the show. But now that Carly is starting school, her parents want to protect her. While Catelynn understood where they were coming from, Tyler was furious. He lashed out, saying that they shouldn’t judge or decide when he talked about his daughter.


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“That’s good to know because the previews made it look like you couldn’t be involved anymore,” one person wrote, while another added, “I honestly respect their decision with all the rumors blame and publicity its the best thing and u all deserve the best.”

It sounds like people understand why Carly’s parents are protective based on everything that has happened on Teen Mom. Catelynn has struggled with depression, and she even went to treatment on this season of the show. Her family members were worried about her mental health as she struggled to get out of bed, and she had no goals. Many people criticized her for not having any ambitions or goals, and she was even criticized for calling herself a stay-at-home mother.

“You know what’s funny to me?? How people think being a stay at home mom isn’t a full time job! #GetALife if I can stay home with her I will,” Catelynn Baltierra previously tweeted on the social network after people slammed her for sleeping all day and calling herself a stay-at-home mother.

Plus, people didn’t think that Baltierra was doing what a stay-at-home mother does, especially since she shares the responsibility with her husband, Tyler.

What do you think of Catelynn Baltierra’s tweet about Teresa and Brandon? Do you think it’s admirable that she’s coming to their defense after they dropped the bomb about Teen Mom?

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