Shannon Beador Leaving ‘RHOC’? Spousal Abuse Lies Cause Her To Storm Off Season 11 Reunion

Shannon Beador’s days on the Real Housewives of Orange County might be over. Beador struggled with spousal abuse claims this year and even walked out during the filming of the Season 11 reunion.

Will Beador cut ties with the show for good?

Perez Hilton released a first look at the three-part reunion, and Beador’s beef with Gunvalson will take center stage. The drama reaches a high point after Gunvalson confronts Beador about the allegations that her husband beats her. Gunvalson reveals that she has proof of the spousal abuse, which prompts Beador to storm off stage and refuse to discuss the subject any further.

According to ET Online, the drama between Gunvalson and Beador reached a tipping point during the Season 11 finale. Fans watched as Beador hosted a party congratulating Tamra Judge on winning a fitness competition. The party was going fine until Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd made an appearance.

The drama that surfaced during the cast trip to Ireland was obviously still on everyone’s mind. Gunvalson attempted to make small talk with some of her costars, but they were having none it.

“Oh, I get it,” she told the audience during a confessional. “So I walk in and all the b***hes scatter!”

Once Meghan King Edmonds arrived and dropped some bombs about how her friend Kelly felt about the ladies, the tension got even worse.

“It’s just nice to be friendly,” Dodd said of the awkward interactions. “It’s not hard, but it is for these other women.”

Of course, Reality Tea reports that Beador has good reason to be angry with Gunvalson. Gunvalson’s claims that Beador’s husband, David, is physically abusive are a little too much for the reality star to handle.

“I don’t think there are accurate words to describe the absolute shock that went through me when Kelly blurted out the false allegation against my husband. She said it to try and hurt Vicki, without even taking into consideration that this lie is now in the universe and my family will be harmed by it,” Beador explained. “Clearly Kelly had no concern for my three daughters when spouting out a complete lie, and that is quite evident when she yells out, ‘How about that?’ afterwards. I actually think that repeating a lie is almost as harmful as coming up with the lie itself.”

Gunvalson remains adamant that she didn’t spread false rumors about Beador’s family life, which has only made things worse between the RHOC stars.

“It is insane to me that Vicki tried to come up with a half-assed explanation of why she told Kelly the lie about my husband. Her accusations about David are nothing but false,” Beador said.

Shannon Beador admits that she “confided” in Gunvalson in the past about personal problems, but stopped short of admitting that David beats her.

“I absolutely confided in Vicki when we were friendly two years ago but I never, ever said that my husband ‘beat’ me. I would no longer be in my marriage if such a thing were true,” she stated. “What is so devastating to me is that my children adored her and called her ‘Aunt Vicki.’ To make up such a horrible allegation against their father is entirely unfathomable to me.”

For Beador, Movie News Guide reveals that there are no lines that Gunvalson won’t cross.

“Vicki will hurt anyone, including my children, to promote her deceit. Vicki saying that she ‘didn’t want to talk about what I was going through last year’ is never an excuse for false accusations against others,” she concluded.

Although Dodd helped spread the abuse rumors, Beador doesn’t see her as the villain. Instead, she sympathizes with Dodd and believes she is a victim of Gunvalson’s “two-faced” ways. As if that isn’t enough drama for an entire season, E! News reports that things will get uglier during the reunion.

“As always, the reunion is pretty brutal,” Heather Dubrow teased. “But I think what’s interesting about this reunion is it’s interesting to see who can apologize and own their stuff and make amends, and who thinks that they’re empirically right and feel that they don’t owe anyone anything.”

Reunions normally end with a few apologies and humbled egos, but Dubrow added that some of the cast members refused to admit their wrongs.

“But then there are people that want to come to the reunion and hurt people. And that definitely happened this year,” she stated.

Dubrow didn’t name the person (or persons) she had in mind, although it is clear from the preview that Gunvalson came to the reunion to stir things up even more. With so much drama facing Beador and her family, there’s no telling if the reality star will call it quits after this season.

Fans can watch all the drama unfold when the three-part reunion special of the Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights on Bravo.

Tell us! Do you believe Vicki Gunvalson’s accusations about Shannon Beador’s husband? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview of the epic reunion below.

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