‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Mysterious Message Sends Ava Into A Tailspin — Who Is Tormenting Her With The Secret?

Ava Jerome has done many bad things on General Hospital, and now it looks like someone may be giving her a taste of her own medicine. While she has been doing her best to cover up the fact that she switched up Morgan Corinthos’ bipolar medications, which may have contributed to his recent death, someone is out there, besides Scott Baldwin, who knows the truth. That person is now using her secret to torment her. Who is it, and what will this person gain from it?

According to a recent General Hospital promo posted by Soap Hub, Ava will receive an upsetting text message from a blocked address that will have her quite scared. That person who sent the message will be revealed next week, but in the meantime, she will be wondering who knows what she did to Morgan. She knows that if Sonny finds out, he will take the ultimate revenge on her.

So, who is tormenting Ms. Jerome? The main finger points to Valentin Cassadine. He is everywhere at the moment and seems to be playing with everyone around him. He has already had run-ins with Jason and Sam, Dante and Lulu, Laura, Nina, Alexis, Anna, and of course, Ava Jerome. But the reason why he would have taken the vial of drugs out of the trash can and is contacting Ava with the info remains a mystery, at least for now.

The promo certainly makes it look like it is Valentin who is after Ava. However, it could really be someone else who has discovered her secret. Have the General Hospital writers fooled fans into thinking it is the newest Cassadine who is doing all the evil things in Port Charles? Valentin may have already been in town at that time, as he probably followed Claudette and Charlotte and was keeping an eye on them, so he could have been at the right place at the right time when Ava threw the bottle into the trash can. However, someone completely unexpected could have grabbed those pills as well.

At first, many people thought maybe it was Nelle who took them, but she is so involved with Sonny and Carly that it is very doubtful at this point. Another speculation that has been going around lately is that it is actually Morgan Corinthos who survived the car bomb and was the one who has discovered Ava’s part in messing with his mental health. While there has been no word yet on whether General Hospital will choose to recast the role of Morgan or leave him dead, this could very well be a lead in for him to come back with a new face eventually.

The investigation continues to find out if it was Sonny’s bomb that killed his son. Many General Hospital speculations have surfaced as to who else would have a reason into wanting Julian Jerome dead. This is where Valentin Cassadine comes into the picture as well. According to a rumor by Soap Opera Spy, he may have actually been the one who killed Morgan Corinthos. It was posted that maybe Valentin was trying to frame Sonny for Julian’s murder, but Morgan was killed instead. The reason behind this is because Sonny kept him from grabbing Spencer Cassadine a few weeks ago, and that is his reason for getting back at the mobster. This could be just a rumor, but then again, the Cassadines are quite ruthless.

Someone seems to be trying to take the Jerome family down. Julian’s car bomb and Ava’s blackmailing may be totally different culprits, but it could be that one person has it in for those two. Is it really Valentin or someone else completely different? Whoever it is that has the information that can take down Ava Jerome and make her a target for Sonny is going to milk this for a bit longer. It is expected that Ava will find out next week who the person is that sent her the text. That will probably be when she learns exactly what they want in exchange for their silence.

Do you think Valentin is the one who is behind the message? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out who set the bomb that killed Morgan and who is scaring Ava out of her wits.

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