Streaker Fail: Stripping Man Caught Early At Texas Tech Game [Video]

A streaker at a college game between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the West Virginia Mountaineers has produced one of the lamer attempted streaks in recent memory.

The Texas Tech fan took to the field during a stoppage in the final quarter with his team coasting to a 49-14 triumph.

Alas, the exhibitionist had barely shed his trousers before he was wrestled to the ground by a mob of stewards, security personnel and police at the Jones AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

Not that the authorities required much assistance; the wannabe streaker managed to get his legs tangled on his trousers as he vainly attempted to strip, sending himself plummeting earthwards and revealing a modest pair of blue boxers.

As Fox Sports describes it, the crowd got a “mild striptease” at best. You can check out the failed streak in the embedded video below. On the plus side, he was spared the taser.

Pro-tip for wannabe streakers: perhaps loosen your clothing before taking to your streaking venue of choice. Or, you know, actually disrobe before entering the field and pulling off your desperate bid for attention.

The failed streaker was quickly escorted from the stadium, and his antics failed to distract Texas Tech from romping to a resounding victory, with Red Raider fans storming the field (while fully clothed) after the win. The final result was the most one-sided Texas Tech victory over a team ranked in the top five.