Vanessa Marcotte Update: FBI Profiler Weighs In On Massachusetts Slain Jogger Case

Vanessa Marcotte, an employee of Google, was home in August, visiting her mother in the small town of Princeton, Massachusetts when she went out for a mid-day jog and was brutally attacked and murdered. At this point, months later, there are still no arrests, but FBI profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole is weighing in on the evidence so far.

Since Vanessa Marcotte was murdered in August, a multitude of tips and suspicious sightings have been reported to police and the FBI, but there still have not been any arrests, says the Inquisitr. Foreign DNA was found on Vanessa Marcotte, but the sample has not matched anything in the state or national databases, leading investigators to a dead end. This has left residents of Princeton, Massachusetts, scared and frustrated that nobody has been held responsible.


Fox Boston says that the murder of Vanessa Marcotte was committed just a half mile from where her mother lives in the small town of Princeton, Massachusetts. Although many tips have been called in, none have led to the arrest of a person of interest, which is why FBI profiler-turned-college professor Mary Ellen O’Toole is now weighing in.


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O’Toole has worked some of the most infamous serial killer cases, including Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, the Zodiac Killer, and the Columbine massacre. In the case of Vanessa Marcotte, O’Toole says that authorities are also searching for a predator, someone who is out hunting.

“What you are dealing with is probably someone who is very much engaged in predatory behavior which means they are out looking for victims.”


Mary Ellen O’Toole has reviewed all of the evidence so far, and that combined with what she knew about the area, she believes that the attacker did not know Vanessa Marcotte and that her attacker was a stranger to her. Marcotte did not live in Princeton and was only there visiting her mother, who moved there when Marcotte left home for college.

“If there is no relationship with the victim, if this is somebody that was walking along or more likely driving along and decided to do this.That’s a unique kind of violence. It’s cold blooded, its predatory, and its without empathy, and it is purposeful. And that’s the kind of violence you seen when a stranger goes after someone that they don’t know.”

But even though O’Toole believes that the attacker was a stranger to Marcotte, that doesn’t mean he is a stranger to the area, particularly the park where Vanessa Marcotte was attacked, killed, and then set on fire.

“There is a good possibility that this person knew that area. And when you know an area, you have command over that area.”

Although authorities have said that Vanessa Marcotte’s body was set on fire to hide evidence, O’Toole believes that is just one reason killers use fire in an attack.

“The burning is done to destroy evidence. The burning can be done to be sadistic. The burning can be done out of curiosity.”

Most importantly, O’Toole says that she believes that the killer is still in the area, knows Princeton, and has gone back to his everyday life.

“What’s interesting is, they can pretty much go back to normal. And if they were married, they’d go back and have a hamburger with their wife and children. As if nothing happened. And they would explain away the scratches on their face? Absolutely. We have a way to explain it away because one of the traits and characteristics of a psychopath is that they are pathological liars. And they are remarkably good at it.”


Tips are still coming in, according to MassLive, but at a slower pace. Massachusetts authorities are asking anyone who has seen or noticed something, no matter how small, to please call the tip line at (508) 453-7589.

Do you believe that Vanessa Marcotte’s murderer is still in the Princeton, Massachusetts area?

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