WWE News: WWE Superstar Dana Brooke Reportedly Attempting To Sleep Her Way To The Top?

WWE Superstars area always trying to do their best to reach the top of WWE through hard work and dedication to their craft, but some try to take shortcuts and even find ways move up in bad ways. WWE fans have hated on Triple H for years because of his relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Many think this relationship helped him become the star he is today, but there are others who think he earned everything he accomplished.

Regardless of what side of the isle you’re on, it is obvious that if The Game never had the connection to Stephanie, the fan hate would not be around. That said, it should go without saying that WWE would be against anyone in management “and” creative having a relationship with any WWE Superstar, male or female. They do in fact have that issue sort of, as they sent down a memo saying that they do not want for management and wrestlers to be together, but nothing was said about creative.

Enter Dana Brooke. The former bodybuilder/model turned WWE Superstar has had an interesting come up with WWE. She came up from WWE NXT a bit too soon, and it seems WWE realized that she was not ready for the mainstream and paired her with Charlotte Flair to help her out. Flair was someone Brooke could learn from and even help out as a character.

Dana Brooke Charlotte
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Flair does not need Brooke around, but her character could use a heavy to help her out at times against various women coming after her. Charlotte as the WWE Women’s Champion has taken on all-comers, which sometimes includes issues with people who can beat her, and Dana Brooke can help. However, it seems that now Dana Brooke is moving up in the business and beating people like Bayley and no one truly understood why.

Now there might be a reason. Ringside News reports that there is some gossip going around backstage regarding Dana Brooke and her position on the card with WWE. There are some who think the random push is due to her being involved romantically with a current member of WWE’s creative team. To be fair to this report, Dana Brooke has been televised a lot more and even had weird wins no one saw coming in the last few months…but especially October.

It is claimed in the report that the women of WWE RAW are by no means happy to hear about this as they pretty much feel she’s taking shortcuts to the top, as it is tough enough to get television time with RAW. The division does revolve around Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley so there is not much time to be spared. Clearly, if Brooke was in her position because of who she knew despite her talent, then they have every right to be upset.

While this is a small report, the merit within it is simply what we see on television versus what we did not before. It was claimed a while back that Dana Brooke was involved with Dolph Ziggler, but this clearly must have ended before WWE’s brand split if Brooke is now involved with someone on the creative staff. While WWE rules do not forbid these types of relationships, they may have to just to make sure there is no problem backstage.

Dana Brooke Emma
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There are people like Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, and various others who are not being used as much because of the current brand usage of three of the Four Horsewomen of NXT. Dana Brooke is by no means ready to be given a push of any kind, and while she is cool as an enforcer for Charlotte Flair, this is really all she should be doing and taking wins over Bayley and other talented women does not make sense.

Some say that Brooke has not seen a push due to storylines not really having her look amazing. However, television time and random matches on PPV does mean a lot because only a couple girls get a spot like this. There were two women’s matches on WWE Hell in a Cell when WWE has normally been good with one woman’s match. Win or lose, she is getting time to be seen and that is the issue when other girls don’t even see that.

The thought currently is that WWE Survivor Series will allow for many girls to get time. Nia Jax even made her return to television due to the series and we could even see more usage of women heading into the event. Dana Brooke is still reportedly in the doghouse with the women. Outside the top girls, she is the most prominently used so there is a reason for hate in the back due to her connection to creative. The question is, could Dana Brooke be trying to take a shortcut to the top? The question then would be, how often will this happen going forward?

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