Hillary Clinton Indictment Fantasy: Early Voting Results In Battleground States Have Trump Supporters Hoping Indictment Prevents Clinton Win In 2016 Election

The Hillary Clinton indictment fantasy of Donald Trump supporters – and many Republicans in general – is a rather pitiful indication of their increasing desperation as the presidential election draws to a close. In spite of the red herrings thrown out by the FBI over the last few days, it’s fairly clear that Hillary Clinton is going to win the 2016 election by a sizable margin.


According to CNN, even though FBI Director James Comey – who is clearly no friend of Hillary Clinton – himself grudgingly admitted a few months ago that there was no crime involved in the Hillary Clinton email “scandal,” Trump supporters still have visions of indictments dancing through their heads.

Hillary Clinton Indictment Odds

The problem for those salivating at the concept of Hillary Clinton being charged with – something – is that endless congressional committees, the FBI, and media organizations have closely examined every detail of the Clinton email server situation and found nothing at all prosecutable. Yes, as Hillary Clinton herself acknowledges, she probably shouldn’t have used a private server.


But given that no one has ever been able to demonstrate that any privileged or classified data was extracted from the servers by hackers or foreign agents, this certainly doesn’t rise to the level of a potential Hillary Clinton indictment. Many politicians – such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell – have also used private email servers without anyone demanding their head on a platter.

But the “no harm no foul” rule doesn’t seem to apply to Hillary Clinton. The simple fact is, virtually all former attorney generals and other legal experts have noted that a number of politicians and government officials have committed much more grave infractions – and even crimes – without being indicted and prosecuted. And many of these erring politicians and government officials were Republicans.


Millions of dollars have been spent by congressional Republicans trying to find something – anything – they could use against Hillary Clinton. If there actually were information out there proving a Hillary Clinton criminal offense that deserved an indictment, it certainly would have been uncovered by now. As it is, Trump supporters are whistling through the graveyard if they think anything prosecutable is going to come out – either before or after the election.

Hillary Clinton at 2nd Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton indictment possible.
Hillary Clinton at 2nd Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton indictment possible. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Impeachment of Hillary Clinton

Indictment might not be an option, but if Donald Trump supporters can’t get the Hillary Clinton criminal trial they’re dreaming of, the AP reports there’s always impeachment. Should Hillary Clinton – as seems likely now – win the 2016 election, Trump supporters are hoping for immediate impeachment proceedings following Clinton’s inauguration – if not before.


The fact that this would clearly represent a Third World-style coup right here in the United States doesn’t seem to trouble them too much. At no point in our nation’s history has one party announced ahead of Election Day that if their own candidate isn’t elected, they would impeach the other party’s candidate. The closest analogy is the secession of the South following Lincoln’s election.

As noted by NBC News, this corrosive mindset is damaging to the democratic process in the United States. When combined with the totally baseless rhetoric coming from Donald Trump and the Republican Party about “rigged elections” and “voter fraud,” the Republican Party seems to be challenging the foundations of democracy itself.


But in any case, a Hillary Clinton indictment – however much Donald Trump, Fox News, and congressional Republicans may be touting the idea – simply isn’t in the offing. There is no evidence of serious wrongdoing by Clinton. If there were, FBI Director Comey would have already used it months ago. At its core, this reliance on frivolous litigation, threatened indictments, and planned impeachments clearly shows that even the Republicans recognize they’ve become a demographically small, extremist party.

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