Selena Gomez Replaces Justin Bieber With Ed Sheeran, And Taylor Swift Arranged Hookup

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once seemed like the dictionary definition of love. They earned a nickname, Jelena, from their adoring fans, and despite occasional splits, kept their romance alive for several years. Then came the big breakup, and although Bieber seemed to try occasionally to woo Gomez back (remember that adorable throwback photo?), an epic war of words on Instagram between Selena and Justin appeared to be the end of Jelena.

Jelena fans had hoped that the two would reconcile, with signs such as Bieber’s serenade of his former girlfriend. But ever since Selena threw shade at Justin over his comments to his fans about their hostility toward his then-girlfriend Sofia Richie, the two have gone separate ways, pointed out Seventeen.

Now, with the pop princess in rehab, comes a new report that Gomez has found a replacement for Bieber in Ed Sheeran. What do the two have in common? Ed and Selena both just happen to be among Taylor Swift’s closest friends, and Sheeran reportedly even visited Gomez in rehab.

Although Selena has not yet left rehab, she already is rumored to have Ed as her new boyfriend, replacing Justin, according to EnStars.

Credit is going to Taylor for the hookup, and the media outlet cited a source’s claim that Sheeran visited Gomez in rehab, as well as that the two are dating. In addition, Ed and Selena were described as “getting cozy” during one of Taylor’s concerts before Gomez entered rehab. A romance between Sheeran and the “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” singer hasn’t been confirmed by either.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez show their bond.

If rumors of Selena and Sheeran together sound familiar, however, that’s because the two were spotted on what ET described as a “night out together” just last year.

Ed and his songstress date dined together at the Sunset Towers Hotel. They then proceeded as a couple to an album release party for “Nobody Love” singer Tori Kelly. Sheeran and Gomez were seen at the Nice Guy lounge in Los Angeles during their maybe-it-was-a-date night as well.

But the spotting of the two together wasn’t over, ET told readers.

“The two singers were caught on tape leaving the party together in the same black SUV. They followed up their fun-filled night with a trip to a 7-Eleven.”

The evening took an interesting twist when Bieber was seen as well at Tori Kelly’s album release party. However, Justin spent his time with “Earned It” singer The Weeknd. A source told ET that Ed and Selena exited the party as a couple just five minutes after Bieber made his entrance.

“Obviously, the two had more fun getting snacks at 7-Eleven instead,” pointed out the media outlet.

But there’s reportedly no bad blood between Justin and Sheeran. Ed and the Biebs were seen spending time together at the wedding of the”Sorry” singer’s manager, Scooter Braun.

Taylor Swift reportedly suggested that Selena Gomez team up with Ed Sheeran.

Following Sheeran’s evening out with Gomez, one report hinted that the two might even be making sweet music together. Taylor made the suggestion that her two pals “team up” and collaborate, according to SugarScape.

“It’s been rumored Edward and Selly have collaborated in the past,” the media outlet told readers.

Sheeran has collaborated with other pop princesses, and Swift “had so much success with Ed on her Red album” that she decided Sheeran would make the ideal partner for her best friend, revealed a source cited by SugarScape.

“Taylor will always be thankful to Ed for helping her hone her talents.”

As for whether Selena is spending some of her time in rehab on the telephone to Ed, she’s not allowed to make phone calls, according to Hollywood Life.

The media outlet cited a source who revealed what it’s like for the 24-year-old inside the treatment facility.

“[The facility] took her phone away and she’s been learning coping strategies to deal with destructive behaviors.”

In addition, she has “already drawn up a list of friends” who she should avoid after she exits, according to the insider.

When it comes to the question of whom the songstress put on her alleged don’t-contact list, an insider told Us Weekly in September that Gomez had cut off Bieber. The two began their relationship in 2011, but now the 24-year-old is making it clear she’s moving on by changing her phone number, revealed the source.

“She told everyone not to give [her phone number] to [Justin].”

What did the Biebs do to deserve the top place on her do-not-call list? It was that battle on Instagram, when Justin accused her of cheating, Us Weekly told readers. After the “Same Old Love” singer advised the Biebs to stop sharing pictures of himself with then-girlfriend Sofia Richie, he allegedly blasted her.

“Oh I forgot about You and Zayn?” Bieber reportedly responded in a reference to former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

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