WWE News: John Cena’s Opponent For WWE Royal Rumble Revealed

After more than 13 years of being able to rely on John Cena to carry WWE’s programming, he’s spent a great deal of time away from WWE and has been working on projects outside of WWE. On SmackDown, the current WWE World Champion AJ Styles has become the leader of the locker room with many other WWE Superstars having the chance to shine in Cena’s absence. Overall, it’s a great thing for the young roster.

Cena is currently filming the second season of American Grit for the FOX Network, but he’s expected to return to WWE in late December or early January. His status for WWE Survivor Series was thought to be confirmed, but he may be missing the PPV after all. It’s been reported that whenever Cena returns, the feud he’s been having with Styles for the better part of the year is to resume at WWE TLC and into 2017.

That was before it was confirmed earlier this week that AJ Styles would be defending the WWE World title against Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC in a TLC match. That essentially confirms that John Cena will not be returning to SmackDown or WWE programming until January. However, a new report is claiming that a new opponent is rumored to be entering a feud with John Cena when the latter returns to WWE television.

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In Cena’s absence, a lot of young WWE Superstars have the opportunity to be in the spotlight and make themselves into stars. Many of them have already capitalized on the chance, but it’s being rumored that WWE officials are looking at one in particular who is set to receive a big push over the next several months and into the “Road to Wrestlemania” next year. The young performer in question is Baron Corbin.

At WWE Survivor Series, Raw and SmackDown will each take five of their best WWE Superstars to battle for bragging rights about which brand has the better roster. In a surprising pick, Baron Corbin will be one of SmackDown’s five alongside AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Bray Wyatt. The Lone Wolf will be tested during that match and will likely be pushed heavily because WWE officials have huge plans for him.

A new report is claiming that Corbin’s success at WWE Survivor Series and in Cena’s absence will lead to him entering a feud with John Cena himself at next year’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV. The huge opportunity for Baron Corbin to wrestle Cena at the WWE Royal Rumble is only magnified by next year’s event being held in San Antonio’s Alamodome, which is expected to be the biggest and most important in WWE history.

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Cena vs. Corbin is an interesting feud for both men heading into one of the biggest WWE PPVs of all time, but it will ultimately be a good thing for them. Cena gets to work with a fresh face, who is also young. That’s going to be a great learning experience for Corbin, especially since he’s unlikely to win the bout at the WWE Royal Rumble. However, WWE could also use the opportunity to begin Cena’s Wrestlemania program.

There is still a lot of speculation about exactly what John Cena will be doing in Orlando next year on the grandest stage of them all. The most likely scenario is Cena completing his quest to become the sixteen time WWE World Champion, which would tie the all-time record set by Ric Flair.

As major a moment as that would be in WWE history, the WWE Universe is hoping to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33, which is much more likely after the latter’s return was announced earlier this week. Ultimately, Baron Corbin will be a chance for Cena to work with someone new, put them over as a legitimate guy in the ring, and then move on to something in the bigger picture of WWE history.

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