‘Alaskan Bush People’ Premiere: Bam Bam Brown Confirms Airing Of Two Hour Special

Fans of the hit show Alaskan Bush People have been waiting, with bated breath, to see whether their beloved show will finally be renewed. And though the news wasn’t looking good for a long time — in fact, there were rumors galore that the show had been canceled — Alaskan Bush People will premiere, with a two-hour special, on November 9.

That’s the word according to Parent Herald, who have confirmed the details of the Alaskan Bush People premiere by reporting what Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has reported on his Facebook page.

Joshua said the following.

“Please DISREGARD stupid tabloid rumors that the show is cancelled. It 100% is not – Discovery already publicized there will be a new season, and DC camera and production crew have been updating their social media pages with pictures of them filming in Alaska.”

He also went on to clarify that this two-hour special is not the season premiere of the show, but rather was a “teaser” to get people excited about the show again:

“To avoid any confusion, Nov. 9th is not the start date of the new season! Still no word on this official date. But there will be a new episode for us that perhaps is intended to whet our ABP appetites again.”

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And this Alaskan Bush People premiere confirmation has only been reiterated by co-star Matt Brown, who — according to Blasting News — has released information about all upcoming episodes on his Facebook page, including a show about mysterious “appliances.”

Matt said the following.

“It’s Tuesday and time for more ABP replays! Looks like Discovery channel is getting us ready for the new season.???? The return date hasn’t been announced yet but we have been hearing early November.???? Tues. 9/27, 4 EPs starting at 1PM ET. Fri. 9/30, 7 EPs starting at 9AM ET. Enjoy your day! #ABP”

And while some fans were concerned that this was not, in fact, a real announcement (because this was made on a Facebook “fan” page, and not the official Matt Brown Facebook page), it turns out, in fact, that this was the case, since the Brown family will be returning to our small screens in very short order.

But does that really remove the controversy surrounding the show, and the Brown family in particular?

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The answer, of course, is no.

Even though the Alaskan Bush People premiere means that the Brown family is coming back — at least for a while — previous Inquisitr reports have confirmed that, in fact, the controversy surrounding the Brown family is completely justified, especially as these new shows featuring real Alaskan bush families are featured on the various Discovery Networks.

It should be interesting to see, especially with all of the new bush families featured, how the Brown family plans to address their growing controversies about, amongst other things, the way they live, the money they make, and how their show doesn’t truly represent the way people live in the Alaskan bush.

Let’s also remember, too, that ratings have tumbled significantly in the past season, which — all controversy aside — should be enough to get a network to cancel the show. However, the fact that Discovery seems to be giving the show another chance to be great suggests that, perhaps, Alaskan Bush People will be on our TV screens for a long time to come.

What do you think will be featured in the Alaskan Bush People premiere?

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[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]