Vicki Gunvalson Drops Heather Dubrow As A Friend: What Shocking Thing Happened On ‘RHOC’?

Vicki Gunvalson has gone through several friendships while filming The Real Housewives of Orange County over the past 11 seasons. While she’s close with some of the ladies one year, they become the worst of enemies the year after. And this usually happens with the ladies she becomes very good friends with, such as Tamra Judge. But throughout the last couple of years, Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow have been cordial friends. While they don’t live similar lifestyles and don’t have similar careers, there’s a mutual respect between them. But that all changed this season, as Vicki feels that Heather has become too judgmental – and for no reason at all.

According to a new Bravo report, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she used to like Dubrow last year, but things changed for her this year. While Dubrow may have been nice to her to her face, Vicki was shocked when she learned that her co-star was talking behind her back. And Vicki doesn’t understand why Heather is now being so critical of her.

“I was shocked at Heather as well. Heather and I have never had negative words to each other, but from the party it looks like that has changed now too. The truth is I like(d) Heather, however I am shocked at her negativity and rudeness towards me when there was no reason for it,” Vicki Gunvalson explains on her blog for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, sharing that she has no idea why Heather felt it was alright for her to talk behind her back.

Of course, Dubrow seemed to believe what Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge told her about Gunvalson, and she may have believed these ladies more than Vicki. When this current season started, Dubrow admitted that she wanted an apology from Vicki Gunvalson and wanted her to take responsibility for her actions and her involvement in the Brooks Ayers drama. Gunvalson can’t pinpoint what dramatic thing happened to ruin their friendship, but Dubrow seems to stand very firm in regards to her co-star. But it sounds like Gunvalson doesn’t think that Heather made this decision to backstab her on her own. Instead, she’s convinced that Tamra Judge has something to do with it, as these two have grown closer this season.


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“We have never been super close, but we have always shown a level of respect for one another. It looks like Tamra has worked her little manipulation magic to have Heather speak so ill of me. This has Tamra written all over it, I can see it a mile away. This is not something I would have expected from her,” Vicki Gunvalson points out, revealing that she had hoped that Dubrow would have made up her own mind about the situation, according to Bravo.

And while Vicki Gunvalson was surprised to have lost Dubrow as a friend, things didn’t get any better with Shannon Beador. Last year, Shannon revealed that she had no interest in making up with Vicki, and as they grew a bit closer this season, Beador stood by her words; Vicki was not her friend.

“Now, onto Shannon. I ended last season with Shannon in a really bad place. For some reason, she took it upon herself to try and portray that she was a victim in what I went thru with my ex. It’s been a long time now, and the fact that she wouldn’t move on over a year later was interesting to say the least. Was this something that really affected her? Has she ever sat back to realize how it all affected me? NO,” Vicki Gunvalson points out on her Real Housewives of Orange County blog, according to Bravo.

Are you surprised that Vicki Gunvalson and Dubrow have grown apart? Do you think the reason why Vicki and Shannon are no longer close has to do with Beador’s inability to see things from Gunvalson’s perspective?

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