‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa Leaving Salem, Exit Expected To Be ‘Wild’

Days of Our Lives spoilers continue to flood in as Theresa Donovan the show’s most popular bad girl is faced with a hard choice between staying safe and staying with her loved ones.

Fans of Theresa, the character portrayed by actress Jen Lilley, are in for an interesting week as Theresa finds herself in a difficult position. It all goes down when Shane, played by actor Charles Shaughnessy, returns to Salem to warn his daughter about an eminent threat to her life.

'Days of Our Lives' Episodes
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In Wednesday’s episode, we see Shane expressing his concern for Theresa’s welfare after he discovers that someone from her past is coming for her. During the scene, Shane explains the danger related to Theresa’s time in Mexico which makes her whisper a name: “Mateo.”

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Hub, this mysterious man who was revealed to be a crime lord in Mexico is after Theresa for some reason that has yet to be revealed. What we do know is that Mateo is dangerous enough to force Theresa to leave Salem.

While we have yet to see what the character decides to do, Jen Lilley has already confirmed that she will be exiting the show soon via an Instagram post.

Her post which was published four months ago contained her gratitude for the fans’ support for her and Days of Our Lives during her stay with the show for the past three years.

“First, I would like to say your comments, support, and well wishes regarding my recent departure from the iconic daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, have melted my heart.”

She also admitted that she had a wonderful time portraying Theresa which is why it is difficult for her to leave the show.

“I absolutely love Theresa, and the idea of not playing her pains me. I once found a quote that perfectly describes her, ‘She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, you can see it in her eyes.’ Exploring Theresa, from her insecurities to her strengths, from her tendency to deflect emotional anguish with comedy to her firecracker spirit has been pure joy.”

However, what is most interesting in her announcement was the fact that she gave a timeline as to when Theresa will be leaving the series when she said the post was “six months too early.”

Given that the Instagram post was made four months ago, we have reason to believe that Theresa will be offed one way or another within the next two months.

With that said, previous episodes, as well as Days of Our Lives spoilers spreading on the Internet, are already setting up Theresa’s “wild” exit from the show which appears to be due to the dangers presented by her past with Mateo.

Upcoming episodes also promise a rollercoaster ride regarding Theresa’s fate. After all, Lilley did promise as much in her Instagram post.

“My exit will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, cheering, screaming, clapping, and bewildered.”

Fans are taking to Twitter to express their opinion on the huge decision Theresa has to make as well as the overall reaction on Days of Our Lives’ resident bad girl.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for today’s episode reveal that a desperate Theresa will seek a favor from Victor (John Aniston) to take care of the Mateo (Andoni Gracia) problem.

Will Theresa succeed in getting Victor to do what she needs?

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