‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin May Have Done Away With Claudette, But Charms Nina-Will There Be A Cassadine Baby Soon?

Valentin Cassadine is back on General Hospital, and he has been making his rounds all over Port Charles. Since he came to town a few days ago, he has staked his claim on Wyndemere, offered his sis, Alexis Davis, an offer that she may not refuse, and is about to come face-to-face with Anna Devane. There was also the surprise visit to Nina Clay that has left her a little shaken, but maybe even more intrigued by his charm and mystery.

Helena Cassadine said that Valentin was even more evil than she was, but so far he has managed to keep his evilness in check for now. Even though this long-lost Cassadine has been busy toying with the residents of Port Charles, he found the time to go flirt with Nina in her Crimson office. Now it looks like Nina will have some kind of news that she gives to Nathan and Maxie on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, as Soaps She Knows mentioned.


What will this news be about? As seen in the upcoming previews, Maxie will be hearing from Nina that her former one night stand is back in town and has already paid her a visit. Maxie is expected to tell Nina that she should get police protection from Valentin and her brother Nathan is just the guy to help with that. Is this the news that will floor Nathan and Maxie or is there something else that Nina will reveal?


There have been speculations lately that Nina is or will become pregnant with Valentin’s baby. Her strong desire to become a mother may just come true for her. She has become desperate enough to do whatever it takes to join the ranks of motherhood as she has been trying to adopt, but that hasn’t worked out too well. She hooked up with Valentin this summer, so she could be pregnant and not know it yet. Remember that she was told that she couldn’t have a baby the natural way, so she is not expecting this to happen.

She may be about three months along if that is the case. However, Nina could be so captivated by the new Cassadine that she may decide to hook back up with him and she will get pregnant then. That is how it seems to be headed anyway. Valentin is one smooth character. He now knows that she wants a baby since he spotted her baby name book on the desk. Will he make her an offer that she won’t be able to refuse?

The question also remains as to whether Valentin is really the father of Charlotte or if he is after the little girl for another reason. Claudette told Griffin that he is the daddy and he has vowed to protect his supposed daughter. Anna Devane is now involved in helping Griffin with the little girl and she is also more than ready to take down Valentin Cassadine.


Where is Claudette, Charlotte’s mother? The last time she was seen on General Hospital was when Valantin found her trying to run away, and it now looks like this really is the last time she will be seen on the soap. According to news coming from Soaps In Depth, actress Bree Williamson is done with her time on the show. It looks like Claudette has indeed exited Port Charles for good, leaving her daughter behind. Will it be revealed that Valentin killed her or does he have her tucked away somewhere, so she will be able to return later on? Williamson dished a little bit to the magazine about her character’s recent actions.

“Maybe she really is trying to protect this little girl. Maybe she was actually doing something unselfish. Claudette always has really good intentions. She just doesn’t go about it the right way.”

Maybe Valentin really is the cruelest Cassadine out there. He has already killed Nikolas and could have possibly killed Claudette as well. Nina Clay may want to think twice about hooking back up with this guy. Is she desperate enough to have a Cassadine baby?

How do you feel about Valentin Cassadine so far? Would you like to see him and Nina as a new couple on General Hospital?

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