Robin Williams Autopsy Reveals Comedian Suffered Brain-Eating Disease, Explains ‘Out-Of-Character’ Behavior

A shocking autopsy of the late Robin Williams revealed that the comedian suffered from a brain-eating disease, which was responsible for his “out-of-character” behavior prior to his death.


Radar Online revealed that Robin Williams’ widow, Susan Schneider, confirmed that the actor had a brain-eating disease, which she believes led to Williams’ tragic suicide. Schneider lived with Robin Williams at the time of his shocking 2014 suicide, but she had been unaware of his illness.

“We had unknowingly been battling a deadly disease.”

Apparently, Robin Williams had “one of the worst cases medical professionals have ever seen.”

“Yet throughout all of this, his heart remained strong.”

Susan Schneider recently wrote an essay for the American Academy of Neurology.

“Once the coroner’s report was reviewed, a doctor was able to point out to me that there was a high concentration of Lewy bodies within the amygdala.”

robin williams autopsy reveals the comedian had brain eating disease
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Williams’ wife went on to say how she wished that she had known that this disease was the cause of her husband’s seemingly strange behavior.

“This likely caused the acute paranoia and out-of-character emotional responses he was having. How I wish he could have known why he was struggling, that it was not a weakness in his heart, spirit, or character.”

Schneider feels for her late husband and empathizes with how he must have been feeling.

“Robin was losing his mind and he was aware of it. Can you imagine the pain he felt as he experience himself disintegrating? And not from something he would ever know the name of, or understand? Neither he, nor anyone could stop it — no amount of intelligence or love could hold it back.”

Susan titled her essay for The American Academy of Neurology:“The Terrorist Inside My Husband’s Brain.” She said that if anything, she hoped that her piece would help others suffering from the same disease, as well as their loved ones and caretakers. According to her essay, almost 1.5 million people nationwide are suffering from the deadly Lewy body disease (LBD).

robin williams autopsy reveals the comedian had brain eating disease
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Schneider wrote about her feelings of loss and mourning her husband and best friend. It was not until the autopsy that she realized what had driven Williams to commit suicide.

“Not only did I lose my husband to LBD, I lost my best friend. Robin and I had in each other a safe harbor of unconditional love that we had both always longed for.

For 7 years together, we got to tell each other our greatest hopes and fears without any judgment, just safety. As we said often to one another, we were each other’s anchor and mojo: that magical elixir of feeling grounded and inspired at the same time by each other’s presence.”

Robin Williams was apparently exuding behavior that was far from normal before his death. Schneider described that Williams experienced a spike in fear and anxiety, which, looking back, could have been an early indication of LBD.

robin williams autopsy reveals the comedian had brain eating disease
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During the winter before his passing, Robin Williams suffered severe paranoia, delusions, looping, insomnia, memory, and high cortisol levels. It was becoming difficult for Robin to manage his seemingly disparate conditions.

The loss of memory and difficulty controlling anxiety were devastating for Robin Williams. His wife described how difficult it was for her to watch this happening, not knowing what to do.

“Powerless and frozen, I stood in the darkness of not knowing what was happening to my husband. Was it a single source, a single terrorist, or was this a combo pack of disease raining down on him?”

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