UFO Or Meteor? Experts Debate Mysterious Bright Green Orb Over Japan: Alien Hunter Claims Proof It Was ET Spacecraft Disguised To Fool The ‘Sheeple’ [Video]

Dramatic footage showing a mysterious fiery “green orb” that streaked across predawn skies in the Niigata Prefecture of northern Japan during the early hours of Monday sparked a debate among experts who gave conflicting opinions about what the object might have been.

Thousands of residents in the Niigata Prefecture of northern Japan witnessed the mysterious green, glowing orb streaking northeast across (see video below) the skies for about 15 seconds at about 5:30 a.m. on Monday before vanishing, according to Japan Times.

A Japanese television channel’s weather camera captured the footage showing the orb flying across the sky.

After experts were unable to reach a consensus about whether the orb was a meteor or space junk making re-entry, a UFO hunter came forward claiming evidence that the orb was, in fact, an alien UFO simulating the appearance of a meteor to fool the “sheeple.”

Writing on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, UFO hunter Scott C. Waring claimed that as the alien pilot flying the alleged extraterrestrial craft tried to deceive human observers by simulating the appearance of a meteor, he made a series of stupid mistakes that gave away the true nature of the green orb.

The first mistake the alien pilot made that gave away his UFO “cloaking” subterfuge, according to Waring, was flying in a horizontal plane across the sky and then gaining some altitude.

“It is performing the horizontal mambo, and meteorites do not fly horizontal while that low to the planet,” the alien hunter argued. “Gravity would have pulled it down and it would have a curve. “

The clinching evidence that the green meteor was, in fact, a UFO, according to Waring, emerged when the pilot accidentally turned off the cloaking panels of his UFO that imparted the green glow.

Waring claimed that viewing the footage in slow motion shows the moment that the careless alien pilot turned off the green glow of his UFO spacecraft for a split second and inadvertently revealed a silver flying saucer being released from his craft.

And as experts debated whether the mysterious orb was a meteor or part of a satellite blazing in the atmosphere as it made re-entry, Waring announced that the true identity or nature of the orb was revealed at the moment it released a flying saucer mid-air.

“This was the stupidest mistake the aliens made,” Waring explained. “The main ship turned off its glow for only 1/10th a second, (watch in slow motion) and at that moment a silver disk came out and moved back slowly away from the main ship.”

A meteor explodes in the sky
A meteor explodes mid-air [Image by Aleyz3D/Shutterstock]

But according to NBC News, an expert suggested the object might have been space junk or debris, such as a fragment of a satellite burning brightly due to friction from the Earth’s thick atmosphere during re-entry.

However, Japan Times reported that Hitoshi Yamaoka, who is from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in Tokyo, argued that the east-west direction of flight makes it was more likely that the mysterious object was a type of “fireball” or bright meteor known as a bolide.

A bolide is a very bright meteor that explodes with a bright flash in the atmosphere.

“It is not likely a part of a rocket because it went flying from east to west, which is the opposite of the Earth’s rotation,” Yamaoka argued.

“We are assuming that a celestial object that revolves around the sun, such as an asteroid, coincidentally came near the Earth and burned up after entering the atmosphere,” the Japanese expert added.

He explained that green bolides were not unusual.

“The color of bolides depends on the components of the atmosphere, such as oxygen, and of the meteor. Green is one of the most common colors,” he said.

A space satellite falls back to Earth
Space junk make re-entry [Image by Paul Fleet/Shutterstock]

“Bolides are reportedly seen once or twice every month in Japan,” he continued. “This time, it was noted at dawn, when people were starting their daily activities, and since it likely passed over some densely populated areas, more people than normal saw it.”

But even before Waring speculated on his UFO Sightings Daily blog that the mysterious glowing orb may have been a UFO, many had suggested on social media that it was an extraterrestrial craft visiting Earth. Some speculated tongue-in-cheek that it was probably manned by little green men from Mars.

But the Telegraph reports that Malcolm Robinson, a member of a group called Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), admitted that most alleged UFO sightings have natural explanations that do not require invoking alien beings or extraterrestrials.

“We are only talking about a small five per cent that can’t be explained and three per cent of the five could be our own black budget technology,” he said.

[Featured Image by M. Cornelius/Shutterstock]