Are Taylor Swift And Drake Dating, Or Are They Creating A New Song Together?

Are Taylor Swift and Drake secretly dating? That’s what recent rumors have claimed.

Last month, Taylor Swift attended a 30th birthday for Drake at Delilah in West Hollywood, California and in the weeks since, rumors have been swirling in regard to a possible romance.

“Drake and [Taylor Swift] are getting closer and they’re spending a lot of time together outside the studio,” a source told Hollywood Life on November 2. “They’ve had several secret, small, and intimate dinners together at two of Drake’s favorite restaurants in LA. He’s being really, really low key about it, virtually going under the radar when they’re out in public.”

“At one of the dinners [Drake] told [Taylor Swift] he likes to be very secretive when he’s getting to know someone and hit Taylor with his famous line ‘I’m all on the low, take a famous girl out with me, no paparazzi’ from the ‘Versace’ cut he did with Migos,” the source said. “That made Taylor smile. She’s not used to being talked to and charmed the way Drake does it. They’re just friends and they’re enjoying each other’s company.”

While both Taylor Swift and Drake are currently single and could certainly date one another if they chose to do so, a new report claims the alleged couple’s relationship is more professional than headlines have led fans to believe.

Are Taylor Swift and Drake making new music?

On November 1, Page Six revealed that Taylor Swift and Drake are working together on a new song. According to the report, Taylor Swift and Drake cozied up at his birthday celebration, but their time together wasn’t a sign of a committed relationship. In fact, just a short time later, Drake was seen being equally flirtatious with another woman during his Halloween party.

The outlet went on to reveal that Taylor Swift and Drake have been spending time together in the studio and said that Swift was a “no-show” at Drake’s Halloween bash.

Taylor Swift is currently single after splitting from actor Tom Hiddleston in September after a whirlwind three-month romance. As fans will likely recall, Swift and Hiddleston appeared to be completely enamored with one another for months as they traveled around the globe to places including Australia, the U.K., Italy, and Nashville. They were also spotted out in Los Angeles just weeks before calling it quits.

Prior to her romance with the actor, Tayor Swift was involved in a 15-month relationship with musician Calvin Harris, which ended at the end of spring.

As for Drake, he’s newly single after splitting from on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna weeks ago.

While Taylor Swift and Drake have been facing romance rumors for weeks, there have also been reports claiming the two musicians are nothing more than friends. According to one recent report, Drake is simply starstruck by Taylor Swift and enjoying their time together in a professional sense.

“Drake likes [Taylor Swift], as a friend, and he’s enamored by her fame… She’s by the far the most famous woman he’s friends with. Life on Pluto probably knows who he is now because she made headlines by being at his party. She’s cool people and they’ve got some music in the pipeline coming ahead,” the source explained.

In recent weeks, Taylor Swift and Drake have stayed mum on the ongoing rumors about their possible romance and when it comes to a potential new song, they’ve stayed quiet about that as well.

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