Lil Wayne Apologizes For ‘Black Lives Matter’ Remark, Says He Was ‘Agitated’ By Questions Concerning His Daughter

Lil Wayne’s offensive remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement during a recent interview with Nightline has landed the American rapper in hot water.

“I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me,” the rapper told ABC News’ Linsey Davis. “My life matter, especially to my b——,” he said, with a look of annoyance on his face.

But Lil Wayne apologized for his Black Lives Matter remarks, explaining that his comments weren’t well-thought out because he was feeling “agitated” since the reporter started asking him questions about his daughter, TMZ reports.

“When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a b***h and a h*e, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses,” Lil Wayne tells TMZ.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement during the Nightline interview, saying that it doesn’t concern him because he’s black and rich. The questions in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement came up not long after the reporter asked him about his daughter.

The reporter then brought up the offensive and misogynistic lyrics in some of his songs, which evidently pissed off the rapper, who responded: “All those same lyrics made me who I am and I am a very successful man. So, if it takes me to be degrading, then, man, please keep looking out for more, ’cause it’s coming baby.”

Davis continued her line of questioning, asking if he would have a problem with someone calling his daughter a “ho*,” a word uttered so liberally in many of Lil Wayne’s songs.

“By a certain person, if they’re coming directly at her, yeah,” Wayne said. “If they’re calling her a b—- or a ho*, I have a huge problem with that. Yeah, but I’ve never called a certain female that name unless I got a real big problem with her.”

Before long, a visibly fuming Lil Wayne abruptly ended the conversation by walking out of the interview room, angrily reminding Davis that he’s not a politician.

Advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement took to Twitter to criticize Wayne for his dismissal of the cause, with many virtually calling his remarks an outright betrayal.

It was not the first time Lil Wayne was asked about race and the Black Lives Matter movement. In a past interview with Fox Sports, he said that he doesn’t see racism because many of his fans are white.

In an interview with ESPN’s Undisputed, the 33-year-old rapper made a non-committal response when asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, saying that the “whole wave just went right by me.”

“That whole wave just went right by me, way too fast to even give an opinion, so I was just like, ‘Oh, OK, that’s what’s happening,'” he said.

When Skip Bayless asked him about the state of racism in regards to the United States, Wayne responded by saying that he’s been blessed his entire life and has never experienced racism as a result.

“And I don’t know if it’s because of my blessings, I don’t know, but it is my reality,” Wayne said. “So I’d have to say that not only had I thought it was over, I believe it’s over, but obviously it isn’t.”

Wayne added that he doesn’t pay much attention to what’s going on with anyone around the world because he only focuses on taking care of his children.

Do you think Lil Wayne deserves the criticisms he’s been receiving in regards to his controversial remarks on the Black Lives Matter movement? Share your thoughts below.

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