‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Returning To Sinnoh Instead Of Kalos, Hints Pokemon Main Series

There has been a lot of talk lately about Pokemon Sun and Moon allowing the player to explore another region after the Hawaii-inspired Alola. Most of the talk has theorized that the games would take Pokemon fans back to Kalos, the region put forth in Pokemon X and Y. However, newly discovered evidence located in the Pokemon main series games themselves points to the idea that generation four’s Sinnoh region, and not generation six’s Kanto, will be the land after Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The most persuasive evidence Pokemon Sun and Moon will be returning to Sinnoh was noticed several days ago and pointed out by Reddit user Dragonblessed. He notes that, when the player ventured into Kalos’s Terminus Cave to face off against the legendary Pokemon Zygarde, they find three items next to it. One is the Lustrous Orb, one is the Adamant Orb, and one is the Gresious Orb. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, these three Orbs were found in the lairs of the three legendary Pokemon from the games. The Lustrous Orb was found near Palkia, the Adamant Orb was found nearby Dialga, and the Gresious Orb was found near the devil Pokemon Giratina. The orbs have also been tied to the three Sinnoh legendaries in other Pokemon main series games.

So, the Orbs were found in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Does that mean anything? They have made appearances in main series Pokemon games before, after all.

In Terminus cave, however, the Orbs are found right next to Zygarde, a Pokemon that has been proven by official Pokemon Sun and Moon teaser trailers to be integral in the story of the new games. Dragonblessed writes that he thinks the placement of the items is perhaps too on-the-nose to be pure coincidence, especially since the Pokemon Company has become known for their subtle hints at future main series installments in their games.

“I find it truly interesting that these three specific items are only found near the one legendary that also goes to Alola.”

There have also been many smaller details picked out of Pokemon Sun and Moon teasers that have been reported by the Inquisitr to point to a Sinnoh return. Most Pokemon theorists have previously assumed that the revival of the gen four region was to be reserved for a pair of remakes in the same vein as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Why, though? Fans have been begging Gamefreak for the return of the “one game, two regions” feature since it was implemented in generation two’s Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Not only that, but the Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal trailer released way back in February says that “it all comes together” in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Skip to 1:40 in the video embedded below to hear for yourself. Does that just mean that all the technical innovation produced by the first six generations of Pokemon are going into Sun and Moon, or will portions of past installments actually be included in the new titles?

A return to a prior Pokemon region in Pokemon Sun and Moon is seeming more and more likely every day now. In fact, the Inquisitr has published several articles about why it seems like such a definite possibility. The question now is what region Pokemon fans will get to revisit. Sinnoh would seem to be the best choice, as the regions from the first three generations have each been remade at least once already and the last two generations were not generally liked that much.

It is unlikely we will know for sure where we will be able to travel until Pokemon Sun and Moon are released on November 18. Until then, just keep searching for clues!

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

[Featured Image by JayWARPED/Youtube]