WWE News: WWE Planning To Use Charlotte Flair’s PPV Win Streak In Major Storyline Heading Into WrestleMania 33

At WWE Hell in a Cell, we witnessed an amazing match with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell with Charlotte weirdly walking out the victor in the match. A lot of people have questioned this move by the WWE as there is simply no reason to keep giving Sasha Banks a championship, only to take it back from her a few weeks later. The fans are tired of the hot potato title runs, which WWE continues to do. In fact, it seems Banks can’t even defend the title at all, but they purposely allow Charlotte to retain a lot.

Apparently, the reason for this has been for multiple things. Firstly, Banks’ first title run came to an end due to an injury. Sasha needed time away to get treated for a back issue, and some thought she might need months off, which left WWE with no other option than to have Charlotte storyline take her out and take her title along with it. Meanwhile, the second loss for Banks was simply due to new storyline directions for both women.

According to Ringside News, WWE is now set to play on Charlotte’s PPV win streak as she is undefeated in singles competition. The plan is to have Banks go against Bayley early on, which would allow for the two to have a good rivalry so WWE could get this out of the way. Throughout all of this, most imagine that Charlotte will continue to put up her WWE Women’s Championship against a slew of opponents.

Charlotte Flair
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The plan is to have someone beat her down the line, most likely at WrestleMania 33. This is WWE’s way of trying to build up Charlotte Flair as a legit star with the WWE, who could go down as one of the best ever in a group that includes Trish Stratus and Lita. Meanwhile, WWE wants to also give the woman who finally defeats Charlotte something out of this too. They plan to build up the streak so that when she is beaten, it means a lot more for the winner.

As of now, Bayley is most likely the one we can expect to see win the WWE Women’s Title from Charlotte. This means that the planned Sasha Banks/Bayley rivalry for WrestleMania 33 might be off the card in order to give us Bayley/Charlotte. This is quite a change, but one that makes a lot of sense. Charlotte gets a ton out of this by becoming an almost unbeatable monster of a champ on PPV, while every challenger comes close but is unable to dethrone her. That only continues to build until someone does beat her.

Imagine what that would do to the person who finally takes her out on PPV, especially if it happens at WrestleMania 33. Let us say Bayley is the person to do it. This automatically shoots her to stardom because she beat the unstoppable champion who simply cannot lose on PPV. Charlotte has been beaten before, but when it never happens In major events, it makes her a clear star. In the world of sports, PPV fights are the place where the big money is made, and stars are born.

Charlotte and Ric Flair
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You could be on HBO or Showtime and do fine there, but the real stardom is in the PPV fights, and the winners of those fights go far and become legends. Charlotte may not win on WWE RAW every week, but she wins when and where it counts most, and that is pay-per-view. This makes her a credible threat and allows her to dictate her own terms. Since WWE tends to normally have titles defended on PPV and not television, this clearly works to Charlotte’s benefit for a while.

Of course, whoever beats her gets a lot from it too, so there is an incentive for WWE to continue down the path of having Charlotte Flair continue to win on the big stage. This makes dethroning her a bigger deal and a huge storyline. While it is by no means the kind of streak The Undertaker had, for women, this might be the biggest win streak they’ve ever seen in the division.

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