Bill O’Reilly Talks Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, And Gun Violence

Bill O’Reilly turned back to the topic of gun violence on his show Wednesday night and further showed what a problem it has become without any solution in near site.

“Both candidates are ramping up the rhetoric with six days left in the campaign. I think it would be fair to say that Trump and Clinton know what the problems are, but have mostly put forth general solutions,” O’Reilly began, adding that on Tuesday, Clinton spotlighted the danger that some young Americans face just be doing normal activities.

O’Reilly showed a video clip of Mrs. Clinton saying that something is wrong when young people who are just starting their lives are dying. She also talked about how parents live in fear that their child may be killed by just going to the movies, sitting in a first grade classroom, or even attending Bible study.

Hillary Clinton Gun Violence

“What Hillary Clinton has to know that so far this year in Chicago, 585 people have been killed and 3,100 have been wounded by gun fire. Most of those are poor black Americans,” O’Reilly continued, noting that Chicago has strict gun control measures, and the “thugs” that shoot people are criminals who don’t care about any gun measures.

O’Reilly believes that it is a waste of time for politicians to say that more gun control measures are going to end street violence. He believes the solution is to make anyone committing a crime with a gun in our country subjected to a federal mandatory prison sentence.

There are a lot of arguments for and against mandatory gun sentences. According to The Trace, those against this note that even for gun crime, the primary effect of mandatory minimum sentences has not been a safer society, but it has instead produced a rapidly growing prison population. The laws also cost society a huge amount of money. The article also lists the rational behind mandatory sentences.

“Proponents argue that they deter future gun crime: Knowledge of the stiff penalties, the argument goes, makes people think twice before illegally acquiring a firearm. And when an offender is convicted under mandatory minimums, the laws ensure that he or she will remain locked up for an extended period, unable to commit further crimes during that time.”

Donald Trump NRA

Bill O’Reilly indicated that he doesn’t know if Trump would support this, but he should, noting Trump has been endorsed by the NRA and says he will uphold the rights of all Americans to defend themselves with guns. Then, he had Horace Cooper from the National Leadership Network of Black Americans on his show.

“585 plus lives have gone practically unnoticed, and, in fact, if you listened to her speech in Florida yesterday, it would appear that your greatest risk [for violence] is reading the Bible, sitting in a classroom, or going to a movie,” Cooper said while obviously mocking Clinton.

Cooper told Bill O’Reilly that homicides are becoming a regular thing now. He believes Hillary Clinton and progressives are ignoring these deaths in order to pursue a completely different progressive agenda that won’t, in any way, reduce the carnage that has been taking place. He believes what is happening is particularly affecting the black community.

Do you agree with Bill O’Reilly and Horace Cooper about their opinions on gun control and violence? If you don’t agree, what do you think can be done to curb gun violence? Let us know in the comments section.

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