Joy Anna Duggar Courting? Rumors Swirl About New Duggar Courtship Thanks To Keen-Eyed Fans

Joy Anna Duggar recently turned 19 years old and the Duggar family shared a photo of Joy Anna enjoying a Sunday for her big day. However, it wasn’t the ice cream that Duggar fans noticed, it was the necklace Joy Anna was wearing around her neck. The necklace caused a flurry of attention with many noting it could be a symbol that Joy Anna had entered a courtship.

A photograph posted to the official Duggar Famly Facebook page has many fans discussing whether Joy Anna may have entered a courtship with someone from Texas. The rumor began after one keen-eyed Duggar fan noticed something interesting about the necklace Joy Anna was wearing for her birthday photograph. The necklace featured the outline of the state of Texas along with a heart in the middle.

The necklace, some suggested, could be an indication that she is courting someone from Texas.

“Anyone notice the Texas necklace?!?!?! Wonder if she is courting someone!!??”

Following the post, numerous fans chimed in noting that they too noticed the necklace and wondered the same. Typically necklaces such as Joy Anna’s are worn by individuals who live in or are from the state indicating their “heart is in Texas.” Since Joy Anna is from Arkansas, not Texas, the rumors began.

The Duggar family did not respond to the questions about the necklace, but a couple possible theories surfaced during the discussion. The first rumor is that Joy Anna is dating someone from Texas and the necklace was a gift. The heart in the center is what many are pointing to as “proof” of the courtship. With Jinger Duggar planning her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo who lives in Texas, some have suggested that Joy Anna could be dating one of Jeremy’s friends or someone she met while visiting Jeremy with Jinger.

With Jeremy Vuolo living in Texas, it is not that far-fetched to believe that the local pastor may have introduced Joy Anna to a potential suitor. However, Jim Bob would have needed to approve of the courtship before giving Joy Anna the go-ahead to enter the relationship. In fact, the Daily Mail reveals that Jim Bob Duggar sends a 50-page questionnaire to his daughter’s potential suitors that must be filled out in full for courting to even be considered. The questionnaire contains questions about faith and even has a section on personal finances. Jeremy reveals that the packet was 105 pages when he finally answered all the questions.

Jeremy also revealed in the same interview that anytime he wanted to spend time with Jinger, he was required to ask Jim Bob’s permission. He said it was a very “intimidating” process and that he was often worried about the possibility of Jim Bob saying “no.”

“It can be very intimidating. There’s this feeling in the pit of your stomach like ”what if he just turns the tables and says ‘no’.”

If a potential suitor was able to pass Jim Bob’s stringent process, would Joy Anna be able to keep the courtship private from fans until a big family reveal, likely after Jinger Duggar’s wedding? Many have speculated that it will be on Joy Anna to ensure that fans keep coming back for more Counting On. With Jinger’s wedding and Jessa Seewald’s second pregnancy, it is unlikely that fans will be turning off their televisions anytime soon; however, a Joy Anna courtship could solidify another season for the mega family.

Alternatively, some speculate that the Texas necklace was a gift from Jinger Duggar who will be moving to the state with future husband Jeremy Vuolo after their wedding. Duggar fans point out that Jinger and Joy Anna are close and that the necklace may be a symbol of their sisterly love when separated in the near future.

What do you think about the Joy Anna Duggar courtship rumors? Do you think the Duggar daughter is courting someone from Texas?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/ Facebook]