Miami Man Kills Family, Lawyer And Begs For Suicide By Cop, But Doesn’t Get His Wish

After shooting his wife and son and critically wounding an attorney, a Miami ice cream truck driver on Wednesday shot at Miami-Dade officers and pleaded with them to shoot him to death. After an over-three-hour standoff, police only half-obliged, however, shooting and wounding the man in a field in South Miami-Dade.

According to the Miami Herald, police said 54-year-old gunman Fadel Jabado was having money problems and was upset because his wife wanted to leave Miami and return to New Jersey to live.

The Miami Herald reported on a statement made by Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez.

“He wanted suicide by cop. That was his intent.”

Miami police caught up with Jabado in a field in South Dade, where an over-three-hour standoff ensued. After Jabado allegedly fired his weapon twice at police, he spoke with negotiators via cellphone for a long time. During the standoff, he repeatedly told Miami officers he expected to die that day and attempted to force officers to help him commit suicide by cop, as was the case in this incident reported on by Inquisitr.

Near the end of the standoff, Perez said Jabado exited the vehicle and then got back in multiple times. After he pointed his gun at Miami police, he was shot multiple times by officers, critically wounding him, and was airlifted to a local hospital. Miami police confirmed that Jabado was shot multiple times in the stomach.

Miami police began searching for Jabado at 10:30 a.m. after witnesses told police he shot 58-year-old attorney Larry Harshman five times at his law office in Kendall. Harshman was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center. He underwent surgery, and his condition has not been released.

Having been told that Jabado had fled in a white Chevy truck, Miami police went to his last-known address. They found the bodies of his wife Bessima and their son, Ahmad. Ahmad is listed as the owner of the home in which he and his mother were shot.

Although a police officer involved with the investigation would not confirm the identities of the deceased at Jabado’s home, sources in law enforcement told the Miami Herald the dead were Jabado’s wife and son, and they had been allegedly shot and killed by Jabado. Local 10 News spoke with Detective Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police, who indicated that Harshman was the first to be killed.

Not finding Jabado at his home, police issued a lockdown order to the three public schools attended by Jabado’s other three school-aged children. After they were located at their respective schools, authorities lifted the order.

A manhunt ensued until 2:30 p.m., when a man Miami police believed to be Jabado was spotted in what Local 10 News reports was a red SUV in a South Dade field. During the standoff, nearby streets were closed off and residents were ordered to remain inside their homes.

The Miami Herald spoke with a friend of Jabado and examined public records in order to piece together a description of Jabado and what might have led him to kill his wife and son and injure the attorney. They surmise Jabado shot his wife to death because she wanted to leave Miami and return to New Jersey. His son was reportedly killed for wanting to buy a home of his own and live apart from his parents. Harshman, the real estate attorney, was targeted because he supposedly handled the paperwork when Jabado lost his property in a short sale three years prior to the Miami man’s shooting spree.

A man identifying himself to the Miami Herald as a longtime friend of the family, going back 15 years to when he moved into the neighborhood, said he had purchased the Jabado property three years ago in the short sale. Ramzy M. Alsaidi said the Jabados had two daughters and four sons.

As of Wednesday evening, no charges had been filed against Jabado.

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