Donald Trump: KKK Press Endorsement, President Obama’s ‘KKK Card’

Appearing at a rally in North Carolina today, President Barack Obama was reported by the Guardian to have played the “KKK card” to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when he made reference to former Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke’s reported support of Trump.

Obama shining light on the seeming existence of a Trump-KKK connection isn’t the first time the real estate developer’s name has been associated with the Klan in recent days.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported on a KKK-Trump endorsement by the Crusader, said to be the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.

Georgia Senator David Purdue appeared on CNN earlier today, where he spoke with Jake Tapper about the Trump-KKK connection that appears to have continually made appearances over the course of his 2016 presidential campaign.

Tapper started the conversation by asking about Obama’s comments with regard to the KKK, Trump, the support of David Duke, the Crusader endorsement, and other comments by the president with regard to voter suppression on the part of Republicans.

The CNN host noted that the Donald Trump presidential campaign, but not Donald Trump personally, has disavowed the Crusader endorsement.

“Does it bother you at all the the Republican nominee continues to attract this kind of support; from vile, racist, bigots?” Jake Tapper asked Senator Purdue.

Purdue addressed the host by his first name and voiced the belief that the KKK newspaper endorsement was a “last-minute attempt” to move the presidential discussion away from the “real issues.” The senator cited debt, the economy, and employment as being the three things that most U.S. citizens are concerned about with the 2016 presidential race.

Senator Purdue then spoke about the lackluster GDP growth that his been experienced under the presidency of Barack Obama, near 1 percent annually, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

“Well, first of all, it’s the Klan that put this out,” Jake Tapper explained to the senator.

“No Democrats. And the Klan is the one responsible for their endorsement of Donald Trump.”

“But this wasn’t solicited, Jake,” Purdue explained patiently.

Tapper then asked if it didn’t concern the senator that Donald Trump “is attracting that kind of support” in the first place. The host emphatically noted that there are “millions” of Americans who support Donald Trump that do not hold the “heinous views” of the KKK, but insisted that there remain a group who hold racist, bigoted ideologies.

Purdue stated that the KKK has “never supported a Democrat.” Though the relationship between the KKK and political parties is long and complicated, chances are that the senator is mistaken, particularly when examining the politics of the pre-1960s South, as reported by Salon. Also, the Washington Times reported on a KKK leader donating $20,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and endorsing the Democrat. Clinton quickly disavowed the contribution and the endorsement in clear terms.

Purdue spoke about traveling across the country and sensing “momentum” among voters supporting Donald Trump.

“There’s something out there, and I don’t think that it’s getting picked up by the polls accurately,” David Purdue explained his current view of the presidential race between the former Secretary of State and the alleged serial groper, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jake Tapper talked about Donald Trump’s previous appearance with him on State of the Union when he appeared reluctant to disavow the support of David Duke, suggesting that President Obama was referring to that incident in his speech in North Carolina today.

That the Republican refused to unequivocally disavow David Duke with Jake Tapper on State of the Union, not to mention that he has received the endorsement of a Klan newspaper, has caused speculation of a Trump-KKK connection to continue to circulate among American voters.

“Sieg heil,” a Donald Trump supporter was quoted in August, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

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