Razors In Halloween Candy: Indiana Teen Injured By Razor, Arizona And Michigan Parents Reports Finding Them [Video]

Finding razors in Halloween candy is a common fear of American parents. Of course, it’s something that has turned into a bit of an urban legend. Everyone worries about razors in Halloween candy; every year we’re warned to check our kids’ Halloween candy for tampering before we let them dive in. However, it’s almost unheard of for anyone to actually find razors in their Halloween candy.

Reportedly, that trend may have changed in a disturbing way this year. Parents in at least three states have reported finding razors in their kids’ Halloween candy, and in one instance a 13-year-old girl allegedly suffered injuries to her mouth when she bit into the dangerous treat.

As Fox 13Now reports, an Indiana 13-year-old was reportedly injured due to the rash of razors in Halloween candy reported in 2016. In that case, the teen reportedly bit into a mini 3 Musketeers candy bar she allegedly got while trick-or-treating through her neighborhood and ended up with a razor blade cutting into her mouth.

The teen required medical treatment for the razor cuts she endured on Halloween night, and as a result of her experiences, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to parents on their Facebook page. The warning advised that all Halloween candy be checked for signs of tampering before children were allowed to eat it.

“The girl’s parents contacted the Sheriff’s Office and turned over the metal piece for detectives to investigate the incident. Upon further inspection, the piece of metal was determined to be part a small type of blade.”

A similar incident took place in Mesa, Arizona reports 12 News. Luckily, in the Arizona case, the family involved was inspecting their Halloween candy for razors or signs of tampering when the blade was found, so nobody was injured.

The Mataipule family of Mesa had reportedly just gotten home from their Halloween night trick-or-treating when they found a flat razor blade hidden inside a mini Snickers. Apparently, before the kids started chowing down, their father told them to check out their candy first, just in case. What they found left them dumbfounded, shocked and a little scared.

“It’s always an urban legend — we’ve never come across anything like that before.”

One of their mini Snickers bars, a treat they’d collected in their own neighborhood (it had been given to a teenage female), had obviously been tampered with. There was a slit on the wrapper. When the family looked a little closer, they realized that a razor had been shoved in the little candy bar.

“She opens it more and just sees metal and it (the Snickers bar) rumbles apart and you just see a giant metal razor.”

After the family found the razor in their Halloween candy, they reported it to the Mesa Police Department. The department warned local residents and are now investigating exactly which home the tampered-with Halloween candy came from.

A Michigan trick-or-treater was also one of the handful who found razors in their Halloween candy this year. As ABC 57 reports, the Michigan incident took place in Manistee County and involved a Tootsie Roll candy. Reportedly, a local parent found a small piece of metal in the candy after trick-or-treating in the Village of Wellson on Halloween night in this instance.

In the instance of the Michigan razor, local police say that the blade had been cut so that it would fit into the candy.

At this time, authorities aren’t sure who put the razor into the Halloween candy, but an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

While many parents disregard the annual advice to check their children’s Halloween candy for razors or other signs of tampering, the fact remains that incidents of candy-tampering do happen. Even though they are very rare occurrences, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your children’s well-being. Reportedly, in addition to these three cases of Halloween candy tampering, multiple parents across the nation reported to their local law enforcement that their children’s candy had contained razors, nails, tacks, and other contaminants.

If you discover that your children’s candy has been tampered with or know anything about any of these instances of razors in Halloween candy, you are asked to contact the appropriate law enforcement department.

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