‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Talks Maggie’s Mindset After Glenn’s Death

The Walking Dead has given fans a week to recover from the huge Season 7 premiere where Negan killed Abraham and Glenn with his barbed wire bat Lucille. Despite giving the fans a week’s reprise with the introduction of King Ezekiel and The Kingdom, many fans want to know what is going to happen next, especially concerning Glenn’s wife Maggie.

Actress Lauren Cohan spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what her character of Maggie will be doing following the death of Glenn. Fans already knew that it would be bad since Maggie is pregnant with Glenn’s child. However, Cohan said that Maggie is going to seek vengeance following Glenn’s death.

“Negan gives Maggie vengeance, and I don’t think that she’s a vengeful person, but it’s going to be a really interesting push and pull this season. You’ll see how she lives on in honor of Glenn and in vengeance of Negan, and it’s a real war in her brain, and in protection of the baby.”

The biggest Walking Dead spoiler in that response is that Maggie is going to have her baby. One of the concerns of fans, after they thought Glenn was dying on The Walking Dead’s Season 7 premiere, was that Maggie would lose the baby during her grieving. Cohan has just admitted that Maggie keeps her baby.

In The Walking Dead comics, Maggie also has the child and names it after Herschel, her father who died at the hands of The Governor. Also, in The Walking Dead comics, Maggie leaves Alexandria and goes to live at The Hilltop after Negan kills Glenn.

Cinema Blend reported that this is what fans are expecting from Walking Dead spoilers from the television show. Gregory is in charge of Hilltop on television and he is who Maggie overthrew to take over leadership in the comics. If Maggie goes to Hilltop and becomes a leader there, it will really open up that community to grow alongside Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Saviors base.

Maggie should become a very important person on The Walking Dead television show, and she deserves it after all that she has been through. Maggie lost her father to The Governor, her sister Beth to a gunshot, and now her husband Glenn to Negan.

“She needs to do right by people and honor her husband and take care of her child, and those things might become things that make a good person to look up to. But she’s trying to do the right thing at this point, and she keeps him in her mind’s eye, and she keeps her dad in her mind’s eye, and she keeps her sister. We’ll see Maggie being very pragmatic.”

Lauren Cohan also mentions that Maggie and Sasha will share a close relationship as this season of The Walking Dead moves on. With Sasha losing Abraham and Maggie losing Glenn, it makes sense they would rely on each other for comfort.


The Walking Dead has a lot to delve into in Season 7. Rick is wanting revenge on the deaths of Abraham and Glenn. Daryl is suffering from survivor’s guilt because he was to blame for Glenn’s death. Carol still wants to run away from everything while Morgan has found a home with Ezekiel and The Kingdom.

Add in Maggie heading to The Hilltop and the strong possibility of her gaining leadership there and this season of The Walking Dead is shaping up to be very exciting.

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