Bartow Father, Two Children Killed In Fiery Crash After Vehicle Fall From I-75 Overpass

The Florida Highway Patrol say a 31-year-old father, Ronald Green II, of Bartow, Florida, and his two children were killed in a fiery crash early Sunday morning after his vehicle fell off an overpass on I-75.

According to the ABC Action News, at around 2:25 a.m. on November 6, Green was traveling north on I-75 in a four-door 2005 Maserati with his two children – Ronald L. Green III, 5, and Sariyah Green, 9, – and another passenger, Tiffany Lasha Young, 26, – who is believed to be the mother of the children but it has not been confirmed – when he lost control of the vehicle, driving into the median and hitting a guard rail, as well as concrete barrier wall.

The vehicle ultimately flew over the I-75 overpass, overturned and landed on Woodberry Road north of State Road 60, ejecting Ronald and Tiffany before the vehicle caught fire with the two children still inside.

It was determined that Ronald and Tiffany were not wearing their seatbelts, but the two children in the back seat were wearing their seatbelts when the car crash occurred.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, it was reported that 50 percent of the vehicle was on fire and the two children, including their father, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Tiffany was the only survivor and was rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where she was listed in critical condition.

Sergeant Allan Carter said: “We do this a lot but every scene is hard on the troopers, the first responders. It’s never a good situation when you have children involved.”

“Sometimes you have an incident like that where it’s just horrific where someone survives for some reason or another. It’s not really anything we can pinpoint as to why that occurs.”

Witnesses told investigators that the driver of the vehicle was reportedly traveling at high-speed before the fatal I-75 crash.

In a Facebook post, Melissa Hyde wrote: “So sad. Innocent children lose their lives because of someone going too fast, probably lost control and went over a bridge, crashing and burning. Horrible way to die for anyone. Sad the adults weren’t more responsible with the precious cargo. Rest in peace sweet children.”

Another Facebook user, Taneisha Floyd, wrote: “This is horrible, why do so many drivers down here drive as if they’re participating in the Indy 500? It almost always involves drugs and alcohol and more so than not the driver of the at-fault car lives, while killing innocent people. This needs to stop, so tired of stories like this one here.”

Although details leading up to the crash have not been determined, there are a lot of speculations as to what happened that fateful morning. Several social media users are questioning the parent’s motives for having their two children in a car, driving on a highway so early in the morning.

I-75 crash killed father, two children
Three dead in fiery I-75 crash [Image By Rick Thompson/iStock]

Some have even stated that the fatal crash may not have been an accident – “the driver could have done this purposely,” said Phil Orrico.

Several agreed, saying that it could have been “suicide” and “anything is possible as they did choose to possibly drink and drive, with kids no less; this just has me so upset either way.”

Sgt. Steve Gaskins stated that although the toxicology reports are pending, “alcohol could have been involved and may have been the cause of the crash.”

After the I-75 fatal crash, troopers are warning drivers to “use it a lesson” and to “slow down. Watch what you’re doing. There is no reason to go a high-speed on the interstate. There is too much traffic out here. Stay off the cell phones.”

The crash remains under investigation.

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