‘Gold Kiiara MP3’ Is Trending — What Exactly Is The Song About?

The phrase “Gold Kiiara MP3” is currently trending on the web and the question is, why?

Chances are pretty good this is because people are interested in downloading and/or purchasing the MP3 of the song “Gold” by Kiiara. If you spend a lot of time driving around in your vehicle and listing to the radio, you’ve probably heard the song before even if you don’t recognize the name of the song or the singer. If you haven’t or you aren’t sure, you can watch the music video below.

To someone who has heard “Gold” by Kiiara more than a few times, there is no denying how catchy the song is. For someone who is just listening to the song for the first time, you may not be rushing out to purchase an MP3 of the song for your music player or computer. This is largely because a lot of the song sounds a little more like gibberish than actual words.

What exactly is it that Kiiara is saying in the lyrics of “Gold”? Keep reading to find out.

According to Radio, the fact that the song is popular enough for the phrase “Gold Kiiara MP3” to be trending on the mind is something that would blow Kiiara’s mind. Initially, this wasn’t a song the singer was a very big fan of. In fact, it was a song she wrote and then she quickly moved on to something else. She describes hearing other people sing the song and seeing other people being so into the song as “trippy.”

“Going from being in the studio when we recorded it, and now seeing people singing along, it’s really trippy,” Kiiara explains.

“It was just another song that I wrote. I scrapped it, I thought nothing of it. I move on very quickly. It’s wild that people like that song.”

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When asked, Kiiara explained that the overall message behind the song “Gold” was that you do not have to answer to people because you don’t owe anyone anything. She goes on to explain that it was what she was taught when she was growing up and decided to write a song about it.

“Like, you don’t owe anyone anything. That’s how I was raised. If someone asks you something, you don’t have to answer them.”

Radio goes on to report that Kiiara told them it was one specific event that inspired her to write “Gold.” She explained that one day she was at a dinner party and started saying “bye” to everyone. There was, however, one person she didn’t say goodbye to and someone asked her if she was really going to leave without saying goodbye to that one person and her response was “Yeah.”

For Kiiara, it would appear as if “Gold” is about free will. It is a song about you being in control of what you do or don’t tell people. Kiiara would recommend buying and downloading the MP3 of “Gold” for anyone who wants to feel like they are in control of their life again.

What Do Other People Think The Song Means?

A user on YouTube called DDonut frequently does videos where he reads lyrics. In the video of him reading the lyrics to “Gold” by Kiiara, he starts by revealing the fact that he has never heard the song before. You can watch the video below.

In the video, he talks about how the song appears to be about “self-love.” Then, he claims that it sounds as if she is talking about breaking her tooth and going to the dentist to get it fixed. Later in the video, he says he thinks the song might actually be a break-up song.

After reading the lyrics, the user decides to listen to the song and he makes the face that anyone who reads the lyrics before listening to the song would.

What does “Gold” by Kiiara mean to you and have you downloaded or purchased an MP3 of the song? Share your answers to these questions in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Instagram/Kiiara]