Fighter Pilot Asks Katy Perry To The Navy Ball Over YouTube [Video]

Katy Perry just found out what it feels like to have a military man have a crush. Fighter pilot Lieutenant Clayton Heyward, inspired by the theatrics that landed Sergeant Scott Moore a date with Mila Kunis, posted an elaborate YouTube video 9see video below) online with the hopes of convincing Perry to go with him to the Navy Ball.

According to the Daily Mail, Heyward managed to post the video a short while before he was to be deployed to Afghanistan an opens with him dressed in a tuxedo, similar to a James Bond clip, holding an odd colored Martini.

He says to the camera:

“Hey Katy, you caught me repairing my fences, one of my many domestic talents. I’m Lieutenant Clayton Heyward and I’m a Navy F-18 pilot on the West Coast and I need a date to this year’s West Coast Ball. Not only am I only three hours away, I’m also from Georgia. If this doesn’t impress you, perhaps my cheesy video will.”

The video has already garnered 22,000 hits on YouTube and is set to go viral. At the bottom of the video Heyward wrote to Perry:

“On the heels of my second deployment to Afghanistan, I was able to squeeze this video out days before heading to sea aboard the USS Nimitz. On my return this part-time extraterrestrial hopes to take Katy to the West Coast Hornet Ball for F-18 pilots.”

If you follow the comments on the video page there seems to be many in the world pulling for him to nail down a date with Perry.

briand5379 says:

“‘Nice little video you had put together, I wish you best of luck and have no doubts that you’ll be successful. Thanks for serving our country as we are only free because individuals like yourself put your life on the line to make our freedom happen.”

Here is the video of Heyward asking Katy Perry to the Navy Ball with him.