Amber Portwood Denies Having Plastic Surgery Weeks After Admitting To Having A ‘Mommy Makeover’

Amber Portwood is making headlines once again. She has been in and out of the media since she began dating Matt Baier nearly two years ago. He has caused several issues for her, but the two have worked through it all. Portwood did call off the wedding that was supposed to happen last month but the two remain living together and plan to wed in the future.

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A few weeks ago, Amber Portwood announced that she would be undergoing a “mommy makeover.” This procedure is common in the world of plastic surgery and often includes a tummy tuck. While she did mention there was no tummy tuck involved because she planned on having more children, she went through with the rest of the package. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Amber Portwood is denying she had plastic surgery. She argued with fans on social media that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different things. Portwood didn’t have anything done to her face, which is why she is standing by her claim that she did not have plastic surgery. She explained that her work was a lift and contouring, not adjusting anything that wasn’t already hers.

Things have been bizarre for Amber Portwood over the last few months. From the wedding cancellation to the physical brawl on the set of the Teen Mom OG reunion, there has been a lot of conflict. Portwood has overcome a lot of things and all of this exploding on her definitely isn’t going to be easy. She has talked about the recovery from her procedures on social media and only unveiled the work done during the weekend the reunion was taped. Portwood looks great, and fans have told her that over and over again. The problem lies in the fact that she is denying plastic surgery and spinning the tale that cosmetic and plastic surgery are two completely separate entities.

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Fans have been anxiously awaiting the Teen Mom OG reunion. Amber Portwood will likely talk about the cancellation of the wedding, but she is also going to show off her new body. There have been a lot of questions about her intentions with Matt Baier for the future. Her actions speak for themselves as she is still engaged and living with him. The reason behind the cancellation has not been made clear, but speculation is that she was angry with things that kept coming to light. The couple had taken in Baier’s adult son who was struggling with drug addiction. Right now, the outcome of that situation is unclear but it is likely they were asked about it while filming.

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Denying the plastic surgery is a bit much, even for Amber Portwood. She tried incredibly hard to distinguish the difference between the two, even going as far as posting a link, but fans were coming back faster than she could respond. Portwood does definitely look like a happier version of herself, and when she explained the issues with losing weight and gaining and then losing again, the “mommy makeover” seemed like a good idea. If she needed an adjustment to help her feel better about herself and she had the money, it shouldn’t matter. Because she is a reality star, Portwood is often the subject of cruel comments and critiques.

The next few weeks will be telling for Amber Portwood and the other ladies of Teen Mom OG. There have been reports that children have been pulled from filming and that criminal charges could be filed because of the reunion brawl. Portwood was not going to allow Farrah Abraham to bully Matt Baier, and she decided to take a stand for herself and for her man all while showing off her newly contoured body.

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