WWE News: Miz And Daniel Bryan Blurring Reality With ‘SmackDown’ Storyline

It was just two months ago that The Miz turned the WWE on its head when he cut the best promo of his career against Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. What was most impressive was that The Miz improvised the entire thing. What was most disappointing is that the WWE buried the angle and transitioned it into a feud with Dolph Ziggler.

However, on SmackDown Live last night, the WWE kicked off the angle again. The Miz invited Daniel Bryan onto Miz TV and Bryan announced that the SmackDown Live singles team for Survivor Series would consist of Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, and Baron Corbin.

The Miz was offended that Daniel Bryan did not choose him for the team. That is when the promo between the two pretty much replicated their Talking Smack promo, with Daniel Bryan saying he didn’t choose The Miz because The Miz is not a good wrestler.

The Miz then went to work on Daniel Bryan, ripping into Bryan for quitting wrestling instead of continuing in the indies like Daniel once said he would if he ever left the WWE. Bryan grew furious and made it clear that he was the boss and Miz better watch his back.

This is still an interesting dynamic between Daniel Bryan and The Miz. While The Miz continues to be a despicable villain, Daniel Bryan continues to push Miz’s buttons as he continues to insult The Miz at every chance he gets. Miz is also on target with his insults. As Miz said, Daniel Bryan isn’t good at anything anymore and should go back to moping around John Cena’s house on Total Bellas.

This is getting tough because Daniel Bryan will never wrestle again so there can be no payoff to this angle. But the comment about Daniel Bryan and Total Bellas is a tough one that hits deep and is buried in truth.

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, the hit E! television reality series showed Daniel Bryan break down when talking about never wrestling again. On the episode, Daniel Bryan was talking about whether he would ever wrestle again.

Brie Bella was trying to console him but was being forceful and honest about the situation. While Daniel kept asking for confirmation that there is a chance he could wrestle again, Brie bluntly told him that there was a one percent chance, so it is not likely. Bryan broke down when he realized that his WWE career, and his dreams in the ring, were coming to an end.


To see Daniel Bryan break down in such a heartbreaking fashion, it is clear how hard the forced retirement was for the former WWE world champion. That makes the timing of this promo so brilliant for the WWE, Daniel Bryan, and The Miz.

There will be fans who don’t understand how all this works that will think it is a heartless angle for the WWE to undertake. However, Total Divas was filmed months back, and all these events happened months ago. This is not a current live TV show that is airing at the same time as these SmackDown Live angles.

However, is still has to be something that bothers Daniel Bryan, knowing that he somewhat believes what The Miz is saying to him. But, that is what makes the best WWE angles work. They are steeped in reality, and this is one of the best natural angles the WWE has run in a very long time.

[Featured Image via WWE]