Walmart Sex Tape: Couple Records Explicit Video In Store’s Toy Aisle, Then Uploads Footage To The Internet

A Walmart sex tape has gone viral, with the controversial footage showing a couple allegedly having sex inside the toy aisle of a store.

The exact details of the video aren’t clear — including where or when it was filmed — but it has made the rounds on the internet early this week, prompting anger and disgust from those who have commented on it.

In the video, the couple reportedly stands alone in an empty aisle before starting to have sex. As Crave Online noted, the man appeared to look out several times to make sure the coast was clear before continuing the act. In all, the Walmart sex tape lasted about two minutes, the outlet noted.

As the report noted, the Walmart sex tape wasn’t leaked to the internet — it was released quite intentionally.

“This couple actually uploaded the footage to the internet themselves, because that’s what you do nowadays,” the report noted. “But hey, good thing the woman was wearing what barely qualify as shorts, as it made it easier on this classy dude.”

A couple filmed a sex tape inside a Walmart store and uploaded it to the internet.
[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

There are still plenty of questions about the explicit video, including the biggest question of why anyone would want to do something like that inside a children’s aisle. But the location of the video is still unknown, as is the exact store. And while it has been identified as Walmart in news reports, the tall shelves and plastic-wrapped boxes look like something more commonly seen in a warehouse club store like Costco or Sam’s Club.

The Walmart sex tape is not the only bit of misbehavior in the retail giant making headlines. A few weeks ago, a man inside a Houston-area Walmart store was investigated by local police after he was seen dragging his young daughter through the store by her hair. Witnesses snapped pictures of the very public act of abuse, which the man reportedly continued throughout his shopping trip.

Reports indicated that the man was attempting to punish his children for misbehaving.

“His three children including the 5-year-old girl, had been disruptive in the store, and that holding her by the hair was his method of disciplining her,” the Houston Chroniclereported.

The story went viral after a fellow shopper snapped pictures of the Walmart hair-pulling incident and uploaded them to Facebook along with a story of how police at the scene allowed the man and his children to go free.

As witness Erika Burch noted in her post, the young girl was pleading with her father to stop the punishment.

“Me and Robert are in Walmart in Cleveland Texas getting lunchables for our babies for school. Robert said “Do you see what that guy is doing to that little girl?” I turned around to this this pos dragging this little girl by the hair of her head!! He had her hair wrapped around the buggy dragging her! She is begging him to stop! She was saying ‘please stop,I promise I won’t do it again please stop!’ I took my phone out snapped pictures and then told him to let the little girls hair go! He told me to mind my own business! I said ‘No I’m not! Right now this little girl is my business and you need to let her hair go now!…”

There could be some consequences for the still-unidentified couple in the Walmart sex tape as well. As Dude Comedy reported (via Crave Online), the pair have been banned from the store. It is not clear if they are being investigated by police.

Anyone curious to see the Walmart sex tape can see some (censored) images at Crave Online, though the full video is not available there.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]