Joseline Hernandez Sues Stevie J — ‘LHHATL’ Star Wants Paternity Test, Child Support And A Parenting Plan

As Joseline Hernandez’ due date gets closer, the Puerto Rican princess is ready to put some rumors to rest. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star recently filed suit against her former fake husband Stevie J because she wants to go ahead and prove paternity on her child before she even gives birth.

Joseline is due in January but with advancements in medicine, she won’t need to wait until she delivers to find out who is the father of her baby. It turns out, all it takes is a simple blood test and Joseline can find out definitively if Stevie J is the father of her child.

Stevie J has denied being the father of Joseline’s child. To make matters worse, the LHHATL star has also refused to take a DNA test to prove it. If Joseline has her way, she’ll force Stevie to submit to a blood test before her due date in order to prove that he is the man responsible for making that baby with her.

Joseline also wants a judge to get the ball rolling as far as parental responsibilities because she’s that sure that Stevie J will prove to be the father of her child. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is asking that Stevie is put on a parenting plan and child support as soon as possible.

In the legal documents, Joseline has reportedly claimed that while Stevie J won’t admit that he’s the father of her child, he has agreed to pay her medical bills associated with the baby. With the recent turn of events between the former couple and Stevie J’s mounting legal woes, though, Joseline is afraid that he won’t even keep his original agreement to pony up for the medical bills.

Stevie is currently dealing with another child support nightmare. After failing yet another drug test related to the $1.1 million child support war with the mother of two of his older children, the producer-turned-reality TV star has been through rehab again. Upon completing rehab, the judge has kept Stevie on a short leash which includes house arrest and a curfew.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg in Stevie J’s baby mama drama. Don’t forget that Stevie filed a lawsuit against Joseline after she claimed that he was a child molester. That was also the point where he stopped dealing with her on any level and tried unsuccessfully to get a restraining order against her.

More recently, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star blasted his (former?) business partner, Ms. Jackson, claiming that she lied about having an abortion. The Hollywood Gossip reported that it t looks like she might still be pregnant, which will possibly make Stevie J a father again this year by someone who is not Joseline Hernandez.

So far, Joseline hasn’t reacted to news that Stevie might have more than one baby mama expecting right now. It’s not clear if that’s because Ms. Jackson isn’t really pregnant and never was or if she lied about having an abortion and still is. It’s also possible that Joseline is asking for a paternity test before her baby is born so she can beat his other woman to the punch and get her child support payments in order first. Either way, this thing plays out, it’s one of the messiest story lines in the history of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

It’s pretty clear that Stevie J really should take matters into his own hands and either start using protection or get a vasectomy if he wants to stop having so much drama involving his multiple baby mamas. He is already having issues with child support and certainly doesn’t need to do another 18 years with any of these women.

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