Shauna Tiaffay: 'Grave Secrets' Digs Into Las Vegas Desert Murder, Killer Noel Scott Stevens On Investigation Discovery

Traciy Reyes

Recently, Inquisitr profiled the case of Shauna Tiaffay when it aired on CBS 48 Hours. Now, Grave Secrets, Investigation Discovery's new TV crime series pries open the murder case. Shauna Tiaffay was the beautiful cocktail waitress and mother who was murdered by Noel Scott Stevens, a man who was hired by Shauna's husband and Las Vegas fireman George Tiaffay. Both killers are now serving time in prison for her tragic murder. The Grave Secrets' episode detailing Shauna Tiaffay's untimely death is titled "Secrets of the Desert." The investigator who helped solve the case and Shauna's old coworker will help tell the story.

When a drop-dead gorgeous Las Vegas cocktail waitress is found bludgeoned to death in her home, police are on the lookout for a deranged stalker. But as the investigation heats up and theories are eliminated, the killer's identity may be found in the Nevada desert.

Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Found Dead

On the first season of Grave Secrets, investigators discuss the case of 46-year-old Shauna Tiaffay. Her dead body was found in her home in September 2012. Shauna's husband, 40-year-old George Tiaffay, is the one who made the 911 call. When investigators came out to the scene, they found the badly beaten body of Shauna Tiaffay, a mother and cocktail waitress who worked at a casino in Las Vegas.

George Tiaffay stated that he found his wife when he returned home with the couple's young daughter. To gain some insight into her lifestyle, Las Vegas detectives spoke with her coworkers, who told police that she might have had a stalker.

Did Shauna's Fishnet Stockings Drive Stalker To Murder?

Investigators learned that on a nightly basis Shauna Tiaffay dressed in extremely provocative clothing, which included short dresses, fishnet stockings, and sexy high-heeled shoes. They say she was a real looker, the kind of woman who had a bubbly personality and an alluring appearance that made men come into the establishment, asking specifically for Shauna Tiaffay, Grave Secrets' episode will reveal.

The stalker angle seemed like a viable theory. But, when a witness later told police that a man named Noel Scott Stevens, 36, had bragged about killing a rich woman, the pieces of the crime puzzle began falling into place.

Sure enough, phone records showed that George Tiaffay called Noel Scott Stevens over 80 times before the murder. Noel Scott Stevens, a homeless man who lived in the desert, was George Tiaffay's handyman and friend. Detectives learned that George promised Noel thousands of dollars to kill his estranged wife.

George and Shauna Tiaffay had once been deeply in love. But when a nasty and violent side of George's personality began to emerge, Shauna wanted out. Fearing that his wife would divorce him, leaving him with the obligation of paying her money every month, he decided to have her killed, instead.

George Tiaffay could have gotten away with murder since he had an airtight alibi, but video surveillance helped nail him for murder.

Can You Believe This?

Watch how Grave Secrets puts it all together by tuning in at 9/8 p.m. Central tonight on Investigation Discovery. See how Shauna's death impacted Las Vegas cocktail waitresses at the time of the murder here.