Ellen’s Presidential Debate Parodies Continue, And How She And Taylor Lautner Raised Money For Breast Cancer

Ellen DeGeneres is one of America’s most playful talk show hosts, proven by the continuous, hilarious pranks and acts featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Moreover, the popular talk show host reveals her penchant for tricks and naughtiness through the hilarious parodies that make her audiences laugh out loud.

Now, with the U.S. presidential elections drawing ever nearer, Ellen DeGeneres is making great use of parodies to preview the ongoing presidential debates. According to LGBTQ Nation, the well-known comedian previewed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s first presidential debate by comparing its intensity to a ruthless WWE match.

The preview showed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s lookalikes jumping into the WWE wrestling ring and confronting each other. The hilarious act had Hillary Clinton with an edge over Trump as she locked the Republican candidate down with a “camel clutch” or “rear chin lock” wrestling hold.

Being an avid supporter of the Democratic candidate herself, Ellen DeGeneres’ parody showed Hillary Clinton winning the wrestling title with Trump not being able to break out of Clinton’s hold. The first presidential debate was reportedly one of America’s most-watched television events, and its success influenced the ratings of other popular programs like WWE’s RAW, whose ratings plummeted to an all-time low. Ellen DeGeneres showed just how clever she is when she combined television’s two most-watched events into her hilarious parody.

When the second presidential debate came around, Hillary Clinton appeared on Ellen’s show to discuss the events and to watch Ellen’s parody of the second debate, which the Democratic candidate admitted that she found hilarious.

Apart from entertaining audiences with her funny and naughty acts, the famous actress, writer, and producer works hard and consistently to help the needy and disadvantaged. Recently, she helped fund breast cancer research by playing an exciting game with Taylor Lautner, the talented young actor who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his role in Scream Queens, in addition to sharing his crazy experience with giraffes.

During the show, Taylor Lautner participated in a game called “Oops! My Water Broke” to help raise $10,000 in support of research work carried out by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The game required Lautner to sit under a stack of sticks which in turn was placed under water balloons. According to Out, the winner of the game was the one who could draw the most sticks without dropping water balloons on Taylor Lautner.

A contestant volunteered to compete against Ellen in the exciting game, which ended when Ellen drew the losing stick, making all the water balloons fall on Lautner. The talk show host had specially invited Taylor onto her show to meet one of his adoring admirers who was hugely impressed by his romantic Twilight moments.

It can be said that the variety of acts featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show represent the diversity in America. The host’s experience spans more than three decades, and this has played a major role in making her one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres is capable of entertaining audiences by speaking on a vast array of subjects while performing her comedy show.

Her caliber as a talented stand-up comedian became evident when a throwback video recently resurfaced, showing Ellen delivering an hour-long performance in Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now, an HBO special in which she discussed everyday subjects. It became apparent during the show that this comedian has the unique talent of parodying on any subject at all, and the HBO special had Ellen DeGeneres making hilarious remarks on topics like laziness, television, procrastination, mobile phones, self-esteem, mannerisms, and even yogurt. According to E!, the talented comedian’s performance also revealed that she’s a rather talented hip-hop artist, singing Salt-N-Peppa’s “Shoop” while entertaining the audience.

Many celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Sarah Paulson have attempted to sing this song, however, Ellen’s version was rather unique, as she even managed to turn the hip-hop song into a compelling monologue.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]