WWE News: Ryback Says CM Punk Never Put Work Into Their WWE Matches

Former WWE superstars Ryback and CM Punk have shared a horrible relationship throughout their careers. While CM Punk almost completely refuses to even talk about professional wrestling anymore, Ryback will still take the time to rip into CM Punk when he gets the chance. On his most recent podcast Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback talked about his feud with CM Punk from the WWE.

According to Ryback, he was ready for the feud and was looking forward to getting the chance to showcase his stuff. However, it never went as planned because CM Punk didn’t care about the feud and wasn’t even trying.

“I think my first Hell In A Cell match with CM Punk because that was my first main event outside of doing live events, working them. And which was thrown together last minute, obviously. And I never liked any of our matches, but that was more on him not wanting to put effort into doing it and that’s the truth.”

Ryback was pushed as a giant monster at the time. After months of beating jobbers in handicap matches, much like Braun Strowman is doing now, Ryback was ready for a huge feud and got a chance against WWE world champion CM Punk.

The match was a screw job finish where referee Brad Maddox took a payoff from Paul Heyman to do a fast count in the match. Ryback tried to get back his heat after the match with a Shellshock to CM Punk on top of the Hell in a Cell cage. In his next title shot at Survivor Series, Ryback lost again when The Shield made their WWE debut and attacked him.

After that, the WWE pushed Ryback down the card, and he ended up disgruntled until asking for his release earlier this year. Ryback is now wrestling on the independent scene and making his voice heard on his podcast.

At the start, though, it was CM Punk who was shooting his mouth off about Ryback and their WWE matches. CM Punk ripped into Ryback on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. Wrestling Inc reported at the time that CM Punk said working with Ryback was a challenge but that he was injured many times when they wrestled in the WWE and that Ryback took 20 years off his life with botched moves.

“Either you’re doing it on purpose and you suck, or you’re dumb as f*ck – which is it?”

Ryback answered the WWE criticism on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast. Ryback seemed a little surprised at the comments and said that CM Punk was always good to him when they were in the WWE together. He also said that he always had good matches with CM Punk, which is the exact opposite of what he said on his new podcast. At the time, he said he wasn’t going to get personal with CM Punk.

“To leave and say the things he said, I try not to take anything personal anymore. So whatever he’s going through, if he feels the need to say that, I can tell you it’s not true.”


In the podcast, Ryback also took a shot at the recent UFC debut of CM Punk, saying if he went to MMA and got his “a** kicked” like CM Punk did, he would just come back under a different name and keep selling more merchandise. It sounds like Ryback may not take things personally, but he is enjoying dishing it out now.

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