Joan Rivers Made Melissa Get Plastic Surgery: Daughter And Friend Expose Late Comedienne In New Tell-All

The late Joan River’s daughter Melissa revealed shocking news in a new tell-all. The comedienne allegedly battled with her only child for her entire life. What else does Melissa Rivers expose of her deceased mother in Joan’s friend Leslie Bennetts’ new tell-all?

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Melissa Rivers shares shocking allegations that her mother forced her to have plastic surgery when she was younger. Joan’s confidante, Sue Cameron, revealed to author Leslie Bennetts, who wrote the book Last Girl Before Freeway: The Life, Lives, Losses and Liberation of Joan Rivers, more stories about the famous comedienne.

“She made her get her nose done.”

Radar Online reported that the bitterness between Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa began after Joan’s husband and her father, Edgar Rosenberg, died in 1987. Melissa Rivers was just a teenager. Joan Rivers allegedly blamed her daughter for his death.

“Melissa blamed Joan for her father’s suicide.

“They did discuss divorce before Edgar’s suicide, and that’s why Melissa got so angry with her mother. She felt her mother was just throwing her father away completely…He couldn’t think of a way out.”

After recovering from the loss of a husband and father, Joan allegedly forced Melissa, now 48, to undergo plastic surgery. Joan Rivers was never shy about her love for plastic surgery, undergoing multiple nips and tucks throughout her lifetime.

However, Joan’s sudden death at the age of 81 melted away any animosity Melissa had towards her mother. Joan passed away from a throat surgery complication and Melissa and her son Cooper were by her bedside when she took her last breath.

“After a few hours, she was finally gone. I didn’t have to tell her I loved her. She knew. She didn’t have to tell me she loved me. I knew.”

Last Girl Before Freeway also revealed that Joan Rivers had attempted suicide multiple times throughout her life. Joan was secretly tortured by her tumultuous love life, causing her to attempt suicide twice over broken relationships.

Bennetts described an incident which occurred early on in her life that almost landed Joan in a mental hospital.

Rivers had threatened to jump out of a window in the 1950s after a screaming fight with her boyfriend, actor Nick Clemente.

Her father, Dr. Meyer Molinsky, stopped the hysterical Joan from jumping.

“Dr. Molinsky finally halted Joan’s resistance by announcing that she had two choices: come home to Larchmont at once or he would commit her to Bellevue [mental hospital] that night.”

According to Bennetts, the incident left Joan feeling down and her relationship with her father suffered from there on out.

“The crisis left Joan feeling defeated; she saw her father as having won and his threat to have her committed to Bellevue as a powerful weapon that transformed him from a a parent into a policeman. From then on, she tried to avoid him as much as possible.

Joan Rivers was visited by suicidal thoughts once more in the late ’80s after her second husband, Edgar Rosenberg, Melissa’s father, committed suicide by overdose.

“She sat on the bed, the gun in her lap. Everything seemed hopeless.”

Apparently, Joan River’s Yorkshire Terrier jumped up onto the bed and sat on the gun, which ultimately saved her from harming herself.

“A terrible thought occurred to her. If she killed herself, what would happen to Spike?”

Last Girl Before Freeway: The Life, Loves, Losses & Liberation of Joan Rivers is said to be full of more secrets and stories about comedienne Joan Rivers’ life. The book is due out November 15.

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