‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis And Valerie Crumble, Alexis Shares Plans, And Finn Gets News

General Hospital spoilers promise a wild Wednesday is in store for viewers. November sweeps have hit the soap world, and the writers have been happily working on storylines that are going to rock Port Charles to the core. After a surprise visit from Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), everyone is uneasy. He is free of all charges and has decided to take up residence in the town where so many people he terrorized in Greece reside. As he pursues a relationship with Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford), his plans for the others will become very clear.

Griffin went to see Anna, after learning that Valentin was in town. Anna promised to help him keep Charlotte safe. Valentin went to see Nina. He is still interested in her. She shut him down. She told him that she wasn't interested. Alexis and Sam, filled Jason in on Valentin's return. Sam went the hospital with stomach pains. The doctor said that she was fine. They are keeping her overnight for observation. Ava told Julian about Valentin. Michael thanked Nelle for all of her help. He asked her to keep an eye on Avery. Nelle seemed upset over a letter she received. Alexis tried to resist drinking but she caved. She drank until she passed out. Anna placed a call to Robert. She wants to work on Valentin's case in an official capacity. I still find it surprising that Griffin hasn't requested a paternity test. I hope that they let Sam have this baby. Is this part of Helena's curse.???? #generalhospital #gh

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Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is on a serious downward spiral. Her drinking is out of control, and with Sam (Kelly Monaco) in the hospital, she was passed out cold when Jason (Billy Miller) called with an update. According to Soap Shows, General Hospital spoilers indicate Alexis has new plans for her life and will reveal them to Sam. There are rumors flying that she will be confronted by Valentin, and he will threaten her with the dagger. They are half-blood siblings, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to either party. Fans have been expressing their distaste for the demise of Grahn’s character. If a redemption doesn’t come soon, there will be a lot of angry viewers on the loose.

Things with the hospital are looking more promising. After finding out Heather (Robin Mattson) was behind attacking Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman), it looks like there is hope for reopening General Hospital. Tracy (Jane Elliot) will offer some news to Finn (Michael Easton) about the status of the reopening. He has been waiting to hear about returning to work in the lab and working on a cure for his ailment. This is stopping him from pursuing a relationship with Hayden (Rebecca Budig), and she is not happy about it one bit. She came to Port Charles to con Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and ended up falling for Hamilton Finn instead. While there is bad blood between Hayden and Tracy, they both think the world of Finn.

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The status of finding out who is responsible for putting the bomb in Julian’s (William deVry) car is still unknown. General Hospital spoilers revealed that Curtis (Donnell Turner) would receive a visit from Jason this week about what he knows. As for what is happening today, it looks like any relationship with Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) he had is about to end. Last week, he used her to get the file on the investigation into the bombing from the department. He assured her he would never do anything to strain their relationship or use her in any way, but he did. Valerie is going to find out what Curtis did today, and it just may be the end of everything that was happening between the two. Will she involve Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) in what she knows or just cut off Curtis and walk away?

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Rumors have been circulating that Griffin (Matt Cohen) isn’t really the father of Claudette’s (Bree Williamson) daughter. It appears that the theory among fans is that she is either the embryo that Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) had saved, or she is Valentin’s child. Anna (Finola Hughes) has inserted herself into this situation to protect who she believes would be Duke’s (Ian Buchanan) granddaughter. It is a very twisted web, and General Hospital spoilers allude to the fact that it isn’t even close to being finished yet.

Wednesday’s General Hospital is going to be filled with questions and inferred answers. With the November sweeps in play, fans should expect things to be dicey and not always as they appear. General Hospital spoilers promise a month to remember, and fans are counting on that to happen.

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