Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Take Advice From Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar’s Family Blog For Married Life, Saves Baby Plans For After Wedding

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo is quickly approaching wedding date. As they head into married life, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a few words of wisdom that they published on Duggar family blog. Knowing how they had a successful marriage for 32 years, it sounds like Jinger and Jeremy could take a page out of their book!

Counting On fans noticed just how lovey-dovey Jinger and Jeremy have been on camera, which got a few of them worried about breaking courtship rules. The new couple has spoken out about that, defending themselves that their intentions are pure.

“Jinger and I are both very affectionate. It means a lot to have an arm around or something, and that’s how we express our affection,” Jeremy said, according to Us Weekly. “We have a clean conscience as long as it’s not leading us to impurity.”

Possibly in response to that, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decided to dedicate a whole Duggar family blog post about their own married life and what worked. Specifically, they wrote a good chunk about how husbands should treat their wives, which dropped heavy hints towards Jeremy to live up to their expectations.

“We encourage all of you guys out there, pursue your wife as if you were dating her, treat her like a queen, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness when offenses come,” they wrote on the blog.

“We encourage husbands & wives to read the Bible together,” they continued. “Pray together and take your family regularly to a good Bible teaching church and watch what God does with you marriage and family! We are excited about Jinger & Jeremy’s upcoming wedding and marriage and seeing what God does with each one of our children’s and grandchildren’s lives over the next few years!”

That hint about Jinger and Jeremy’s baby plans at the end of their post drew some attention as to what the couple had in mind as the wedding date approaches. Jeremy took the less-stressful route by saying that they are “just looking to the Lord to see what he provides,” according to Us Weekly.

But Derick Dillard, husband of Jill, playfully added, “Expecting by the end of the year!”

Check out a cute picture of Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar right before they announced engagement!

I love getting to know this man of God! ???? - Jinger

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But it is true that Duggars have enjoyed watching their romance unfold before their eyes. They are such avid fans of this couple that they even took to Instagram to document the love story for them

In particular, Jill Duggar took it on her hands to share a private moment that Jinger and Jeremy shared at the airport.

Since they are getting married soon, they won’t have to deal with distance anymore!

Whatever their thoughts about having a baby right after wedding, Jinger has taken steps towards her married life even before the wedding. She admitted that she “would be moving all of her stuff to Laredo, Texas, before they got hitched so that she could settle in with him as soon as they got back from their honeymoon,” according to Us Weekly.

However, the fact that her sister Jessa is halfway through her second pregnancy, right in the middle of her engagement may put some pressure on Jinger and Jeremy.

“I am 17 and a half weeks along, and I’m feeling great,” Jessa said according to the same report. “I think with the first pregnancy, it seemed a lot longer because every week we were counting down the weeks, the months, until the baby would be here, and this time around we are chasing little Spurgeon, and so I think the weeks are going by a lot faster. I can’t believe we’re almost to the halfway mark already.”

Do you think, despite what they said on camera, Jinger and Jeremy have solid plans for starting a family right after their wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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