Gwen Stefani Opens Up About ‘Extra Hard’ Marriage To Gavin Rossdale And How She Felt Like A Failure

It’s hard to imagine that with her success as a pop star, television personality, and fashion designer, as well as a mother, that Gwen Stefani would ever equate herself with the term “failure.” Yet when it came to her marriage to Gavin Rossdale ending after 13 years, this was reportedly exactly how the beauty felt.

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Stefani was candid and spoke openly about the trials that came with her marriage to Rossdale and why the union was “extra hard.” The publication shared the entertainer’s words about feeling as though she had failed when it came to finalizing her divorce from the Bush front-man.

“I don’t think you’ll talk to one person who didn’t make it in a marriage who’s not gonna feel that way. The intention of being married is the vow, right? You want to put everything into it to make it a success. All I had to look at was the huge success of my parents: They just had their fiftieth anniversary.”

As Vanity Fair relays, Stefani spoke about the challenges that her marriage to Gavin presented, including being from different continents, both being celebrities, and both being prominent in the music industry.

“I had to work really hard at marriage, all the time, like everybody, but ours was extra hard,” Stefani says. “When you add that we’re from different countries, both of us being in music, and celebrity. [Marriage] was the one thing I didn’t want to fail at. People can say whatever they want to about me… and I don’t get too affected. But I didn’t want them to think I was a failure. There’s nothing weird about how I felt.”

Although Stefani may have felt like a failure initially following the split from Rossdale, she turned that failure into a positive by using the devastation and heartache to write identifiable lyrics and to make music that her fans had long-awaited. By December, Gwen had an entire album completed which reflected her trials during her divorce, yet also shed light on the new love she found with The Voice judge and country music superstar, Blake Shelton.

It’s clear that Gwen is not only a musical talent and pop icon, but she has also become iconic in the world of fashion for her unique taste and appealing aesthetic. Her role as the founder and designer of L.A.M.B has become just one more creative outlet that the star has found for herself. She has gained respect and success in the fashion industry over the past decade, and Stefani spoke about her drive and inspiration that brought her success with her brand.

“It’s in my blood! My mom was always making me clothes. We’d go to the fabric store, pick out patterns, and it was a creative process. I heard that word a lot growing up: creative.… I would get stuff, and then I would change it. Alter it. My mom would help me.… At the same time, I was so naive. I didn’t know anything about fashion, growing up in Orange County. I just knew about it through music, how ska bands dressed.”

Gwen was also sure to comment on the past year and how so much has changed for her since she left Rossdale. She shared about her journey and how she viewed the tragedies that life often throws at us.

“I don’t understand my journey. It’s so crazy. But one thing I learned is, that’s what life is. We all have to go through hard times. Tragedies. Those are given to us to see what we’re going to do with them. How can we give back? How can we improve when we have these challenges?”

Although there has been heartbreak and trials, Gwen Stefani has bounced back, and she is certainly not a failure.

[Featured Image by Michael Reynolds/ Getty Images]