Jimmy Kimmel Airs ‘I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy’ 2016 Footage [Watch]

Jimmy Kimmel is once again breaking the hearts of our youngest trick-or-treaters.

For the past five years, Kimmel has asked parents to pretend that they ate all of their children’s Halloween candy and then post their reactions to YouTube. Jimmy then sorts through the submissions and airs the best on his late night ABC television show.

On Tuesday, November 1, Kimmel shared the best reactions from the 2016 “Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” challenge, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

The first unsuspecting child is talking to her dad when he tells her he ate all of her Halloween candy while they were watching a movie. Obviously distraught, the little girl falls to the floor and cries out “No!” The dad then tells her to check her bucket again, and thinking he had put the candy back, she did. For the second time, she realizes her candy is gone and bursts into tears.

The second victims of the funny, albeit slightly mean pranks were a brother and sister who were told by their mother that their Halloween candy was gone. The little girl is clearly not happy about he news, but it was her brother who took it the hardest as he clenched his teeth and fists and then fell to the floor.

In the next clip, a young girl is seen screaming at the top of her lungs when she realizes her candy is gone while her dad shouts, “I ate it all!” Then comes a little boy, dressed in his dinosaur costume, who quickly goes to check on his candy after his mother tells him it is all gone.

So far, the clips have been pretty harmless with kids shedding a few tears over their losses. However, the next video shows a little girl smacking the camera out of her dad’s hands after she questioned whether or not he was joking about eating her treats. The next few clips show, once again, screaming and sobbing, but then comes a few where the kids were a bit more understanding.

One little girl insists her eyes are just watering when her mother tells her not to cry. Then another little girl tells her mom it’s okay when she apologizes for eating all her candy, and then says “of course I do” when her mother asked her if she still loved her. Still, another youngster told her parents she wasn’t mad, and they could go tomorrow and get some more candy.

Check out all of the reactions from Jimmy Kimmel’s 2016 Halloween candy challenge below.

Not only did Kimmel have parents trick their kids, but he also pulled the prank on his very own daughter, Jane. Kimmel filmed Jane’s reaction and posted it to YouTube. Kimmel starts the clip by explaining this is the first year in the six years he has been doing this challenge that he had a trick-or-treater of his own at home.

Jimmy’s daughter, who just turned two in July, dressed up as a monkey and got to go out for Halloween for the first time on Monday. Surprisingly, Jane wasn’t too concerned with her lack of candy, and she just wanted to eat her pancakes.

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[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images]