‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 845: Luffy Gatecrashes Sanji’s Wedding Venue, While Carrot And Chopper Escape Brulee’s Mirror World To Help Straw Hats Pirates [Spoilers]

The previous chapter of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece seemed to indicate the bond of friendship between Straw Hats captain Luffy D. Monkey and Sanji is stretched to the point of breaking. However, knowing the strong attachment between the two, and observing the emotions depicted on Sanj’s face when an emotionally charged Luffy was addressing him it is apparent the friendship isn’t the one to be broken so easily.

[Warning: One Piece Manga Chapter 844 spoilers and Chapter 845 speculations are ahead]

In the previous chapters of One Piece manga, mangaka Eiichiro Oda shocked fans with Sanji’s atrocious behavior towards Luffy and Nami. The duo had worked against some pretty difficult hurdles, and Luffy had managed to fight and defeat one of Big Mom’s three strong commanders. However, instead of running out and greeting them, Sanji kept on insulting the duo, and even belittled the Straw Hats gang, calling them “nothing but a ragtag group of dirt-poor pirates.”

It is amply clear that Luffy doesn’t believe a single word or insult coming from Sanji. While he is deeply hurt by the anger displayed by Sanji and even gets emotionally troubled because of the insults that Black Leg hurls at him, Luffy refuses to retaliate or even defend himself. Though Sanji attacks Luffy with his smoldering leg attack, Luffy doesn’t activate any of his gears. Even when Sanji asks Luffy to go away, the stubborn Straw Hats captain refuses to do so and adds that he is on a hunger strike. Luffy claims that he won’t move from the spot unless Sanji himself approaches him. As an added measure, Luffy says he won’t eat anything unless it has been prepared by Sanji.


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A confused and hurt Nami is unable to tolerate Sanji’s behavior. Surprisingly, when she attempts to defend Luffy, the latter interjects and asks her to remain stationary. Although at a certain level Nami still believes Sanji’s behavior isn’t true to his nature, unable to control her emotions, she slaps Sanji and promises to leave him alone.

The upcoming chapter may unravel several mysteries, including the one about Sanji’s unacceptable behavior towards Luffy and Nami. When Luffy was attempting to evoke emotions within Sanji, the latter was seen sobbing softly. While oblivious to the rest of the Vinsmoke clan, Reiju noticed Sanji’s silent cries and asked if the procession should be halted. But realizing it would be unwise, Sanji prevents the carriage from halting.

Apart from explaining Sanji’s behavior, Chapter 845 could show Carrot and Chopper escaping from Brulee’s Mirror World. Having figured out how the Mirror World operates and the fact that it is connected to every mirrored surface on the Whole Cake Island, the duo could execute their escape, reported Hall of Fame Magazine.

As indicated in an earlier chapter, Big Mom was shocked to see one of her commanders crash-landing in Whole Cake Chateau. Though she is aware that a powerful enemy is close, Big Mom doesn’t know for sure it is Luffy who flung Commander Cracker using his Gear Fourth attack. As a precaution, Big Mom sounded the “Red Alert.” It is likely that the upcoming chapter might contain an indirect confrontation between Charlotte Linlin and the Straw Hats captain. Before Luffy can get to Big Mom, he will undoubtedly have to deal with at least two of the other commanders and several of her soldiers. Not to mention, if the Vinsmoke clan decides to side with Big Mom, then Luffy will have a huge challenge to face.

It is likely that the Chapter 845 of One Piece could allow Sanji to explain to Lady Pudding about his predicament, reported Mobipicker. If he does, will Lady Pudding help Sanji in escaping Big Mom’s clutches?

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