‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Cheyenne Jackson Talks Season 6 Finale, Who Will Be The Lone Survivor?

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 8 airs Wednesday, November 2 on FX, and with only three episodes left, fans are wondering how Ryan Murphy plans to end Roanoke. Actor Cheyenne Jackson spoke to Vanity Fair to offer his take on how it could end, and he teased that another twist is coming next week for Episode 9.

American Horror Story Episode 7 showed Jackson’s character, television producer Sidney Aaron James, being axed in a horrifying murder spree. Ryan Murphy told his viewers that there would be only one survivor this season. Is it possible that Sid could be the last man standing, even though we saw him die last week?

“It’s American Horror Story! No one is safe. You just never know what’s going to happen. You have to be prepared for anything,” Cheyenne dished. “It was such a good episode. I couldn’t believe they got away with so much in that episode, and that so many people were killed off. I was surprised when I first read the script. I saw the episode last night, too. I want to see what everyone else is going to see. Even though I was there, it’s not the same thing as watching it. I want to watch it when it’s all put together. It’s so cool and scary!”

Jackson wouldn’t confirm (or deny) if Sid, who was a television genius, staged his own death, but he pointed out that nothing is as it appears during American Horror Story Season 6. Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter that the season would reveal a huge bombshell during Episode 9, something that “will change the whole season.” Ryan teased that those who have died might not be dead after all, and pointed out the footage we are watching is for a reality show, which could be staged for viewers.

“I didn’t think of my character as a bad guy. I don’t think you can think of him as good or bad. You have to question each person on the show, why they do what they do,” Cheyenne explained. “I thought of my character as a person who had goals and would do anything to achieve those goals. He knew what he wanted, and nothing was going to stop him. Each character has their own goals.”

There are only three episodes left in the season. Jackson promises that the end will tie the whole season together and you will be left satisfied and entertained. American Horror Story fans have been vocal about Season 6, and some of the comments have not been positive. Many feel that it isn’t as good as the previous five seasons, and hope that the final episodes will reel them in.

“We are getting such a response. People are really excited, and you definitely have to wait to the end. The wait will be worth it,” Cheyenne said. “I’m excited how people will react. Everything will be revealed. I can’t say anything else. I probably shouldn’t say what I have said already.”

American Horror Story fans have pegged Lee (Adina Porter) or Shelby (Lily Rabe) as the last person standing. Cheyenne called the theories interesting and refused to spoil the show for the American Horror Story viewers. Jackson noted that when he found out who survived in Season 6, he felt a level of shock. He added that it was who he thought would survive, but the events leading up to it are “quite shocking.”

American Horror Story fans, are you getting excited about Season 6 finale? Who do you think will be the lone survivor? Do you think Sid could have faked his death?

American Horror Story airs Wednesday’s nights on FX.

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